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Happy Halloween!! Boo!


I am a dork

Happy Halloween to everybody!  I don’t really feel like it is today since everybody was out celebrating last night.  My mom and I are watching the Viking’s game & my dad is out grocery shopping.  We have also spent a large portion of the day reading together.  It is so much fun to have wonderful books to read!

I had the night off again last night ….which was awesome!  I went out with my friend Catey & a group of her high school friends.  We somehow found ourselves in Mound (that is where they are all from) & did a little bar hopping.  So much fun!  It has been about seven years since I dressed up, and I could still only be convinced to slap on some cat ears.  People went all out & some of the costumes where pretty amazing.  I love Halloween!


Catey, Corey (Snookie) and I

Jenna and Ross went out with some friends last night as well.  Jenna created homemade costumes for her and hubby all by herself.  I am pretty impressed with her new talents!  I always used to have to be the person helping her out. Little girl has grown up!

Mom and dad seemed to have an enjoyable evening together.  I know that my dad was pretty tired when I left, so I called him several times throughout the night.  Apparently they did just fine      without me!  I got home this morning & they both seemed happy. Thanks Dad!

Jenna & Ross dressing up as their favorite things



That is it for now.  My next debate is figuring out whether I should sport a costume for the trick-or-treaters. Hopefully we will get more than last year!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued healing of her skin & bed sores.  They are looking good…but still bother her


Thankful: I am thankful for a fun night out with friends 🙂

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Party City….never disappoints!

Today was a great day!  Last night I was able to get together with some friends & then I had the night off, so I was already feeling great & refreshed when I got up this morning.

Mom and I with a scary spider! Soooo scary!

Jenna and my mom had a great evening together & I am sure that mom was glad to have a break from me as well.  🙂 Today my mom, sister & I decided to go to Party City to pick up some baby shower decorations for a shower we are helping to host for our cousin in a few weeks.  She is having a baby girl, and we are so excited for her!  I also needed to get a costume for tomorrow night.  It isn’t the most creative, but it will do.  The store was packed with crazy kids of all sizes finding last minute costumes as well.  At one point I ran into a row of face paint & ran over my foot.  My sister was more mortified with the fact that I knocked some

Jenna sporting the "I love vampires" hat. Also very scary!

paint over versus my foot.  She just hates it when I make a mess!  I usually laugh it off because it very rarely happens.  I would say that I am a great wheelchair driver.  Hats off to me!  It is tough!  We had fun playing around as usual.  The women in our family absolutely love hosting a party of any kind.  I think that we like arts & crafts too much!

After Party City it was off to Target.  Everybody knows that it is hard to get out of that store without spending at least $100.  That place is like poison!  Again, we had a great time playing around and getting the necessary things that we needed.  Mom and I have not been able to run errands all week due to the weather.  We helped Jenna pick up some things that she will be needing for the Swarm.  As usual, it was great to see her spend her own money!

Now my mom and I are in for the evening.  My dad has the night off & he decided to go visit some property that we have at Voyager Village.  Don’t ask me where that is…because I don’t remember!  Somewhere near the Wisconsin border I think?  It is a nice and relaxing evening for him.  He checks on our lot, takes a look at the new cabins that have gone up & has dinner at the club house.  Tonight he got a hotel room so he could head there for the evening after work. We just talked to him & he sounds like he is having a nice time relaxing.  He always gets up early to head back.  I wish the man would just sleep 8 hours sometimes!  He claims that it is impossible for him.  I just can’t imagine!  I have no problem!

That is all for today.  Happy Halloween to everybody!  Be careful & drive safely!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for a continued strong immune system during this crazy season!

Thankful: I am thankful for our handicap van that allows us to buzz all over town & give us the much needed freedom

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Forgive us our Sins

I haven’t written in a couple days…because absolutely NOTHING has really gone on!  My mom and I are crazy out of our minds with boredness.  Is that a word?  If not….it is my new word!  The crazy wind storm that has swept the country kept us inside for the past four days.  Crazy!  I have resorted to walking around the main floor circle of our house (which has five stairs on one side & five on the other) to feel as if I am moving.  I am starting to despise the thought of the treadmill.  It just isn’t the same as outside.  Last night on my break I went out to run a few errands with my windows down.  My sister said that I must be crazy, but I told her I needed the fresh air.  While she and my dad have been running around in the crazy weather and going to work, my mom and I have been breathing the same stale air in the house.  Ok, it might not have been that bad…but I was starting to go a little bit coo-coo.  Luckily, our schedule is picking up and the boredom should be over for now.

Pastor Roger came over on Tuesday for a chat & to give us communion.  He is such an

Pastor Roger serving the homily at Jenna & Ross' Wedding

awesome man!  He comes every month to visit with us, and never fails to come!  I think that he has been visiting us for about 3 years now.  Crazy!  He was introduced to us from our church after he moved to MN from Chicago.  He even performed my sister’s wedding ceremony!  His message this week was how God does not want us to be perfect.  He prefers us to acknowledge our sins and show that we need him.  This is very good news!  I am far from perfect.  haha.  “All who humble themselves will be exalted” Luke 18:14.


I am going to head out with my mom to do some errands now.  I think it is safe enough outside today.  We shouldn’t blow away.  Tonight I am doing dinner with some friends.  My sister is coming over to give me the night off!  Yes!! I always love a night off :).

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued healing of her bed sore & skin.

Thankful: I am thankful to have a home when the wind is whipping outside & knocking down the power lines.  Even though I complain about being inside, I am still thankful!

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The sun has disappeared in the MN :(

This will be a short post…because I really don’t have anything to talk about.  The past two days have been BORING!!!  We woke up to gloomy weather this morning.  The rain has started coming down…and there is no sun to be found.  I know that it is boring to talk about the weather all of the time, but it affects us so much.  To pass the time I have started reading “Still Alice” out loud to my mom.  This is one of my book club pics for a future month, but it seemed like something that would interest both my mom and I.  The book is wonderful!  We are on page 75 and totally captivated!  It is about a Harvard Professor that was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.  Since we know so many people that have loved ones affected with Alzheimer’s & my mom has a neurological disease herself, it is extremely compelling.  I know that the book has gained a lot of popularity, so I am sure that most of you know about it or have even read it!

Catey came by again to help us out today.  We watched a little Oprah & Dr. Phil with her while she helped us out.  Oprah was so devastatingly sad that it went well with the weather.  It was about a couple that had lost their 3 children in a horrible car accident.  You can always count on Oprah to keep your attention!  Our hearts go out to that family.  I cannot imagine the pain that they have gone through.  After a show like that, you remember to count your many blessings & truly appreciate what you have in life & acknowledge that life can change in an instant.  I know that my life changed immediately after I heard my mom was diagnosed with ALS.  The life I knew…would be no longer.  I am so lucky to still have my mom!

Ok, that is enough rambling for today.  Looking forward to the week picking up!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued happiness & inspiration during these dreary days

Thankful: I am thankful for Oprah…what are we going to do when she is no longer on?  She has been a staple in my life since I was a young girl.

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I am just sitting here and relaxing on my night off.  I just got back from dinner with one of my “besties” Dana.  I have said before that Dana & I have been friends since the age of 4.

Creekers reuniting with our "middle school notebook" after our 2nd year of college

We are members of the “Creeker” group.  This is what everybody called us when we were growing up.  There is a group of five of us girls with completely different personalities (well, maybe not so different anymore) that have been very close since the age of 4.  They would be; Susan, Kate, Dana, Meg and myself.  Go Creekers!  Anyway, we all lead different lives, but try to find time for each other.  One of us girls (Susan) is in grad school in Chile.  It will probably be a little while before we get to see her again.  Otherwise, the rest of us live in MN & IA.  Not too bad!  Dana had a baby boy about 9 months ago, so it is always nice to get some “catch up” time with her.

Dana's son Kelly with his "auntie Kelly"

Her baby boy is such an angel & I absolutely adore him :).  Tonight was just us girls, which is great as well.  Sometimes you just need some girl talk!  Thanks Dana for great conversation and friendship!  Love you !

Today wasn’t too exciting for my mom.  I gave her a pedicure & manicure….and we watched a little gymnastics.  I also got her up into her chair so that she wasn’t in bed all day.  Jenna went up north with Ross to his family cabin.  We just might have to go a few days without seeing her!  haha.

Champps with Dana tonight

Whatever shall we do?!?!?!

That is about it for tonight.  I am going to enjoy the rest of my evening off.  So excited!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued healing of her skin.  I say this repeatedly, because it is our biggest problem at the moment.  If this is the worst we got, I will take it!!

Thankful: I am thankful for the friendships God brought to me at such a young age.  I feel so lucky!

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Another nice day in Minnesota.  They say that it might be our last.  Such a bummer, but I am still thankful for the awesome days that we have had!  Do you ever notice that this time of year…people seem really confused by what to wear? I was looking around today, and some people were in shorts & t-shirts, while others had pulled out the puffy jackets. Kind of funny.

I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday, but you really didn’t miss too much.  We ended up staying in & catching up on things.  My Godmother Mary stopped by for a little pajama party.  We call it that, because she stops over right after we wake up & my hair looks all crazy.  She is one of the very few people we allow over when we have just woken up.  My mom’s bed sore has been hurting, so a day in bed seemed necessary.  Her skin is going through a phase of chafing & we are getting some new red spots. Red spots can lead to new bed sores, so we are taking extra precautions. It might be due to the change in weather or just a phase her skin is going through.  We are keeping a close eye on it, and know that we are not in a dangerous situation.  Our friend Catey also stopped by yesterday to help us out around the house.  The ALS association pays for us to have her help us, and we are so thankful for her!  We also love catching up & hanging out with her!


Daddy Roger & Mama Jules in front of theater

Today we decided to do Friday at the movies again.  My dad met my mom & I to see Secretariat.  It was really good!  The theater was full of kiddies because of MEA.  I had forgotten about that. After the movie my mom and I did a little shopping.  As always, my mom didn’t want to go home.  So, after a little convincing, we are home now & mama Jules is back in bed.  It is my dad’s night off, so mom and I are watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show again.  A huge favorite of ours!  I get tomorrow night off.  Woot Woot!!


Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued healing of her skin & bed sores

Thankful: I am thankful for lip balm.  I have been using it like crazy lately!

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Dental Drama….

After a wonderful night off to myself, I was awoken to the sounds of Jenna & her husband laughing and hanging out with my mom.  Ross stopped over to surprise my sister this morning with coffee.  This surprise made for a very pleasant household.  My mom always loves seeing Ross!  Jenna woke me up a little early because she thought that she might have cracked a crown on her tooth.  Since she works for a dental office, she was able to get in right away.  Fast forward a few hours…when we receive a pretty frantic phone call from my sister.  Apparently she has a lot of tooth damage under the crown & might need to have it extracted.  Since my sister takes great pride in her oral health, this is the end of the world to her. j/k.  Not to mention…could be extremely expensive.  We all have to realize that these things happen, and life is full of unexpected expenses.  Then there is all the controversy in my family about dental implants & dental work that could affect a person’s neurological system.  When my mom was diagnosed with ALS, we spent a lot of time researching how the mouth affects a person’s entire body.  If you ever have a conversation with my dad about this topic, it could go on for days.  In the end, I am sorry J for the tough dental day!


Mom loading up at Costco

After all of that happened, my mom and I decided that we should go for a walk.  After getting all bundled up, we headed over to our pond area.  Upon getting out of the car, we realized that our plans might have to change.  It was so windy and cold today!  We were told that the temperature was going to be 65-ish….but the wind made such a huge difference!  After getting ourselves back into the car, we decided to head to Costco. Always an Eagle family favorite.  :).  This trip was made extra special when we ran into my mom’s friend Amy!

Mom & Amy

Of course I had to break out the camera to show how much fun we were having.  We compared our purchases…like it was so exciting & had ourselves a little chat.  Gotta love Costco!


This evening one of my mom’s other besties came over.  We always love having a visit from Jane!  It is great getting a chance to catch up on all of the exciting Eagle happenings from the week.  We are just so exciting! haha.

That is all, I just ran some errands & am getting ready to settle in for the night.  You never know what tomorrow may hold!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for the continued healing of her bed sore.  The sore seems to be bothering her more lately…although it doesn’t look bad.

Thankful: I am thankful for my Costco card.  Buying in bulk is fun!  And it is fun to spin my mom around in the wide aisles!

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Walk away the Weariness

Another day of non motivated Kelly.  Not sure where these days come from!  Again, after

Today on our pond walk

waking up, I already felt tired again.  Could this be hormones or something? Anyway, I pressed through the morning with my mom.  First she had her bio-feedback session…and then her nurse stopped by to check her stats.  Tuesday’s are so exciting!  After all that was done, I tried to will myself to put the laptop down & get out of the house!  If not for me, for the sanity of my mom.  First it was getting my butt in the shower.  That went well, and even woke me up a little bit!  Ok, so far so good.  Next it was clean my mom up, straighten my hair, get my mom dressed, put her in her wheelchair & back the car up.  All of these things went pretty well…but since I was moving at turtle speed today, there was lots of toe stubbing and nail breaking.  I tend to get clumsy when I

Mom & I today on our walk

am not overly motivated.  By this point the sun was coming out from behind the clouds, and it was looking pretty nice out!  By the time we got over to the pond area I was feeling pretty good. Our walk was exactly what we needed.  The fresh air felt so good, and I think that I just needed to get moving.  I believe that I finally came out of my funk.  At least I hope so!!!  I am completely wired now & will probably have a hard time falling asleep.  That is my life, hard to get a good routine going!  It is hard being a night owl.  I just hate to give into the night.  Speaking of night, the dark is coming a lot earlier now.  When I get on my evening break, it is already dark out.  I hate doing errands & things for myself in the dark.  Winter is going to be a toughie!


Jenna came over tonight after work.  She is giving me the night off!  Thanks Jenna!  It especially means a lot to me since Jenna won’t get to see her husband until tomorrow night.  They have completely opposite schedules lately, and Jenna still comes over to help us out.  My family & I really appreciate it.  Thank you Ross as well!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength in my mom’s beautiful smile

Thankful: I am thankful for my second burst of energy this afternoon.  Hope that my funky mood is over!

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Needed a Lazy Day!

You heard me right!  Kelly needed a lazy day.  It might not have been with Mama Jules approval, but she let me have it anyway.  For some reason only 2 hours after waking up, I felt that I needed a nap.  Is that weird or what?  I always seem to get a little run down

Family Picture at Jenna's Wedding


shortly after waking up, yet I am fine through the afternoon & never want to go to bed at night.  I am a strange woman!  haha.  My mom looks at me like I am crazy when I ask her if I can shut my eyes for a little bit (that is my way of asking to take a nap…sounds better 🙂 ).  So, after she let me take a nap….I decided to do some book-keeping for myself.  Pay bills, fill out work paperwork, call people back, etc.  After that, my mom and I talked & she told me it would be ok if we stayed inside today.  I wasn’t sure if she really meant it, so I was

Family at Jenna's Rehearsal DInner

thrilled when her bestie Amy called & wanted to come over for a visit.  Yes!  My mom would have a fun afternoon after all!  Thanks Amy!


Jenna stopped by after work to get changed for her Swarm meeting a the Excel tonight. She got out of work a little early, so she surprised us with a quick visit.  Wow, this day turned out better than we thought it would!  haha.  It is always good to see Jenna.  Not that she is married, we don’t get to see her everyday like we were used to.  My sister always makes my mom’s face light up…so it was great to see her!  Oh, if you would like to see the new pics posted for the Swarm Performance Team go to

Also check out the story about tryouts at:

I think that is all for today.  I am going to start my book for book club this month.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I heard that it is really great!

I inserted some family pictures into this post.  I always think that pictures make things a little bit more exciting, and I don’t have any new ones for today.  Hope you enjoy!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength and energy

Thankful: I am thankful for friends that come over to visit.  Means so much to all of us!

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SPT! Go Jenna!

Another busy weekend with some high ups & some high downs.  Saturday was a pretty exciting day!  Jenna decided that she wanted to try out for the “Swarm Performance Team”.  She kept this tryout more to herself this

Jenna getting ready to leave for tryouts!

time, and only wanted my help & my mom’s help on the day of tryouts.  Since my mom and I are dance obsessed, of course we went over to her place to help her get ready!  A little fake tan, fake nails, makeup, teased hair & Jenna was ready!  After an afternoon of getting dolled up, my mom and I kissed Jenna good luck & sent her on her way.  We were really excited for J, and looking forward to going home & waiting the evening out.  I specifically dedicated my plans for Saturday to Jenna & knew that I would wait at home nervously anticipating the news.  I know, I can be a huge dork sometimes!  Our rush of excitement was short-lived when we walked into our house.  My dad had been out working in the yard (with protective glasses might I add) and he managed to get some debris into his eye.  So, he comes down the stairs….his eye bright red & watering like crazy.  I tried to help him look for something in there, but I couldn’t find anything.  This wasn’t good.  It was supposed to be my night off, but I ended up taking care of both of my parents.  My dad couldn’t see & was in pure misery.  So, not knowing what to do…I made him dinner & let him relax on the couch.  So not fun, but in a way very comical.  This is kind of how our life is in this house.  You never know what is going to happen around here.  So, the three of us settled in for the evening….and I helped out both of my parents.  Around 11:00 we still hadn’t heard from Jenna & we were getting pretty nervous (well, not my dad…he was more focused on his eye..haha).

Jenna & mom before tryouts

At about 11:30 we got the news that Jenna made it!  Yes!!!!!  So, after about 45 minutes of discussing the details of the tryouts…we let my sister go & I put my mom & dad to bed.  Who knew I would be putting my mom & dad to bed on a Saturday night when I grew up.  This is crazy.  After that, I went downstairs & tried to salvage what was left of my night off.  I had been invited to go camping that night, but I guess that God knew I would be needed at home. (thank you Dana for the invite!).   I am glad that I made the decision to stay home!  CONGRATULATIONS JENNA!  So proud of you baby girl!

Today was a pretty good day too.  Aside from my dad’s eye still hurting like crazy.  My mom kept spelling “get him to the eye doctor” so I called and made him an appointment.  After that I called Jenna to ask if she could take him since he couldn’t see.

Lindsay & Jared Celebrating their 30'th bdays!!!

Of course she said yes!  That is how the Eagle family pulls together!  I told him about his appointment and he protested that he didn’t need to go.  After mom kept glaring at him, he gave up and said that he would go.  In the end, there was a piece of debris stuck in his eyelid that kept scratching his eye every time he blinked.  The doctor removed it and gave him an antibiotic.  He is much better now!  So glad that is over!  After all that, my mom, Jenna & I went to my aunt Sam & uncle Jeff’s in Eden Prairie.  We had a “family gathering” to celebrate my cousin Lindsay & “cousin in law” Jared’s 3oth birthdays.  We had a great time catching up with family & watching the Vikings Game.  Happy Birthday you guys!!!
Sorry if this blog seemed a little too detailed.  Drama…Drama….Drama!!
Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued strength & bed sore healing
Thankful: I am thankful for Jenna making the SPT.  Now my mom and I can go to watch her cheer at the games. Another fun thing for us to get out and do this winter!

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