A day of Remembering

Well, today was not too exciting. I hate for this to be one of my first blogs. Not too interesting huh? It looked as if it was going to be another beautiful Minnesota day…but there was a little chill in the air. My mom and I decided to scan old pictures from our photo albums, so I can make them into a slideshow. Slideshows have been our new favorite thing. One thing that my mom loves to do, is look at pictures! I have learned how to put them to music…and they will keep her entertained for up to 45 minutes. My sister and I jokingly call it her baby bottle. Anybody who know my mom…knows that she absolutely hates sitting around. This is why ALS chose the wrong person! Growing up, my mother was a social butterfly…and it drove me crazy! Whenever my friends would come over, they would be more that happy to have my mom hang out with us as well. As you can imagine, no young lady wants her mom to hang out with her girlfriends. As I have grown older, I am now so happy she spent those times hanging out with us. I take pride in the fact that most of my best friends consider her a second mom. She is one amazing woman!

So, that is what my mom & I did today. Spent some time remembering what it was like growing up. Looking at pictures of us…not knowing how ALS was going to eventually drastically change all of our lives. It is so hard to remember what it was like when ALS wasn’t always on our mind. DId those times really exist?

Prayer for Julie : I pray that my mom will continue to have a strong immune system through this flu season.

Thankful : I am thankful for the amazing memories a picture can bring.

Jenna's Wedding

June 26th, 2010

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  1. Saira

    Love the picture!

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