Sometimes….there is just too much to do!

Another crazy day here at the Eagle Household.  It has been nice being busy lately! Especially with such beautiful weather.  We started out the day nice and relaxed.  We were delivered Jenna’s professionally printed wedding photos.  They are so beautiful…and look amazing!  We decided to drop them off at her dental office so she could get them home.  She still lives in Eden Prairie, but far enough away…where it can be a bit of a drive.  Her dental office is very close to our home, so it is a great middle ground if we need to get things to her.  After that, it was off to Walgreens to see her husband Ross to get our flu shots.  Since my mom is a “special” patient, we thought that it would be good to go to somebody we know & still not have to go to the doctor’s office.  Yay!  Ross recently became a pharmacist, and apparently they now give the vaccines.  He did a simply amazing job!  Go Ross!  After that it was off to the pond again for our walking and meditation time.  Another beautiful day here in MN.  We have been getting spoiled.

As most of you know, the Twin’s lost both tonight and last night.  Such a huge bummer!  I did get to enjoy the game with some friends tonight.  My friends Catey, Lindsay & I decided to do a little pizza & beer party.  So much fun!  I really cherish my friendship with these two ladies.  They are two new people in my life (well….as of 4 of 5 years ago) that I am so thankful for!    Catey & Lindsay are both my age and drag my butt out with them all of the time.  We have so much fun when we are together!!  Thank you ladies for loving me and letting me join the group!  Catey has also become a part of my family.  She was sent to us from a home health care company…so she understands everything that I go through caring for my mom.  It is nice to have somebody that can relate.

Catey, Lindsay & I last new year's Eve

Tomorrow I am heading to Iowa to see another one of my “besties” Kate.  Kate and I have been friends since I was four years old.  We are actually a part of a group of 5 ladies that have been friends for that long.  We are all such different people….but we have stayed the best of friends.  Usually my friend Dana comes along too, but she has recently had an adorable baby boy!  Last minute trips don’t work as well for her anymore.  Love you Dana!

Dana, Kate & I on one of our many trips to IA

I will expand more on these long lasting friendships in the future!  For now, I need to get some stuff done for my trip!

Prayer for Julie: I pray that my mom will have a good day while I am away.  My sister will be coming over to take care of her!  Love you Jenna….and thank you!

Thankful:  I have to say it, I am thankful for another beautiful day in Minnesota!!

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