One Busy Weekend!

Wow!  I cannot believe that Sunday is already here!  I feel so thankful for the things that I got to do.  First off, Friday afternoon I headed to Ankeny, IA to visit my friend Kate.  Like I said before, Kate & I have known each other since we were 4 years old, so there is always so much to talk about!  First it was off to the dog park to wear her dog out in the 90 degree weather.  Summer came back to us for the weekend! Then it was time to make dinner plans.


A couple of weekends ago Kate introduced me to sushi, so we decided it was time for my first full sushi meal!  Yummers!  I never would have imagined liking it, but now I am simply obsessed with it.  The waitress tried to talk us into doing Saki Bombs, but we thought that might look a little silly just being the two of us.  Next we were off to the local dive bar.  It has become a tradition for all of us girls (when we go to visit Kate) to go there.  The bartender even recognizes me now! Yes!  haha.  As always, the time went from 10:00pm to Kate enjoying Calamari2:00am way too quickly.  It was off to bed, followed by an early morning driving back to MN since I had a wedding to go to that afternoon.  Thanks Kate for another wonderful time.  I never thought that I would love visiting IA so much when I got older.  The corn is always calling!





Saturday, after I got back from Iowa, it was time to get ready for Matt & Xin’s wedding downtown St. Paul.  Matt Rasmussen is one

of my mom’s best friends son.  We have grown up with that family…and there was no way that we were going to miss it.  We knew that the elevator was going to be very tiny for my mom, but we were still very surprised.  We had to jam her into the thing, bend her legs all around, and take off a small wheel….but we made it!  The wedding was extremely beautiful & I would describe it as extremely elegant.  My sister and her husband were there also, so it was nice to have some family time.  Every detail was perfect, and we are so happy for the newlyweds!

Today my aunt Sam, my mom, & I took my cousin Shawna shopping at the Mall of America.  Shawna lost her mom (my aunt Mary) last year to pancreatic cancer.  It was so awful, and we lost Mary so quickly.  We try to spend a little girl time with Shawna whenever we can.  She is 12 now, and loves to shop!  As many people know, my mom loves to shop too.  We had a wonderful time.

Now it is time to relax & look forward to the beginning of another week.

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength & energy after such a busy weekend

Thankful: I am thankful for time spent with family


A candid shot with the bride & groom

Jenna, Mom & I




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  1. Kate

    LOVED our girl time! So thankful for our friendship! Love you! xoxo

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