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We missed our Dancing With the Stars!

That is right….No Dancing with the Stars last night.  We got to watch the vikings have a rain delay, and then lose the game :(.  Such a bummer!  Now that baseball is over for us, mom is on to Football.  I am thankful for her love of sports, because it really helps keep her happy & entertained!

This morning we started our day with mom’s 2 hour weekly bio-feedback session. Then is was on to her nurse’s weekly visit.  All looks well for “mama Jules” health this week.  That is always good to hear :).  After that we cleaned ourselves up for our visit from Jenna’s mother-in-law Louann.  Our professionaly printed wedding pics are in, so she stopped by to pick them up and have a little visit.  I like when she visits because she always brings me an iced latte! Yum!

This afternoon my dad came home so I could get a cavity filled.  Never my favorite thing to do, but I am thankful to have dental care.  Merry Dental (Jenna’s dental office) did a great job.  If anybody out there needs a new dental office, I highly recommend Merry Dental in Eden Prairie!  Had to give them a shout out.  Jenna was there this afternoon, so it was great to see her as well.  I also got fitted for a mouth guard since I apparently have a teeth grinding problem.  I never knew this until I moved back home.  One night after Jenna & I were both sleeping on the couches to care for my mom, she told me I was making hideous grinding sounds with my teeth at night.  I had no idea, but I guess that is where my stress comes out.  I guess that would explain my random headaches.  So, I am going to try the mouth guard thing, and see if it works.  Hopefully I will keep it in :).

That’s about it for today.  Glee is going to start in a few minutes, and I am super excited! Love that show!


Picture of the family (minus Nathan) at the ALS walk



Prayer for Julie: I pray that mother’s eyes will regain strength.  They looked a little tired today

Thankful: I am thankful to have wonderful dental care!


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