An evening with the ladies

Book club day!  Yes!  But lets start before that.  We started the day nice and easy knowing that we didn’t have any visitors until later in the afternoon.  This allowed me to play around on my computer, read a little more of my book and workout.  You might ask how I am able to work out with “mama Jules”.  Well, we have developed a system where I can put our baby camera on her….and have the little TV screen with her face next to me when I am on the treadmill or whatever workout dvd I might be doing.  Works out pretty slick! I really appreciate my mom giving me time to workout. I have been trying to get it in every day around here.

This afternoon my mom’s friend Yvonne came over with her 3 adorable granddaughters! We hadn’t seen Yvonne in a little bit, so it was really nice catching up.  She has always been a very dear friend of my moms.  We also had our friend Jane stop over around the same time.  This was Jane’s weekly visit, and we always love seeing her.  Her visits are so appreciated.  So, I guess that you could say we had a little party!  Jenna arrived during the end of our visit, to come over and watch my mom.  She is giving me the night off!  Yes! An evening off for me means that I get off at 6pm and am back on at 11 am.  Yes again!  I usually get 2 of these nights a week, unless I have plans & require more time or am going on a trip.  We try to be pretty flexible with each other around here.  We are team Eagle!  Sometimes I don’t even know how we do it.

After our visits & Jenna’s arrival, I was off to book club.  Book Club meets once a month & we have been meeting for a couple of years now. 2 of our members had baby boys this month….so we were down by two!  We are so excited to meet the little guys.  Hopefully next month!  Congratulations to Renee & Andrea!!

I am back home now & ready to relax for the rest of my evening.  I am going to post a couple of pictures from our shopping trip last Sunday with my cousin Shawna & my aunt Sam


My mom & Shawna


Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength & energy

Thankful: I am thankful for my book club & the coming together of such wonderful women that I would never have met!

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