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Happy 35th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

That’s right!  Today is my mom & dad’s 35th wedding Anniversary.  Pretty amazing!  Since it is hard for my mom & dad to enjoy a candle lit dinner together…..flowers it is!  After a super long day at work, my dad came home with a gorgeous flower arrangement for my mom.  Her face lit up when she saw them!  I am still amazed every day of the love that my parents have for each-other.  When my dad talks with my mom…she looks at him like he is the most fascinating person.  Most of the time it is engineer talk & I am bored out of my mind, but she just smiles and listens.  Those two are meant for each other!  I couldn’t imagine a braver & kinder man for my mom when she was diagnosed with ALS.  He has been her #1 cheerleader since day one.  There isn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for her.  Their undying love for each other is another reason I believe that my mom does so well.  She is surrounded by so much love.  Congratulations Mom & Dad!  I love you!!!

On top of all that, today was another fun day.  My mom & I met my sister Jenna at the mall to do some shopping.  It is always fun to watch my sister spend her own money now that she is married.  haha.  Just kidding!  After shopping, we went over to my sister’s townhouse to watch a little Oprah.  Today was about a polygamist family that has a reality show on tv.  Pretty entertaining stuff if you ask me!  I just love reality TV!

That is about it for now.  I am on my break & am going to relax a little bit.  More tomorrow!

Prayer for Julie: I pray that she and my dad have many more anniversary’s together

Thankful: I am thankful for the wonderful loving example my parents set for me every day.


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