DCC – Making the Team!

Another wonderful day here in MN.  We started off our day with the usual feeding mom & getting ready.  We decided to go see “The Social Network” with my dad.  My mom usually doesn’t enjoy going to movies when it is nice out, but I talked her into it!  I think that the great reviews helped me get her there as well :).  We gave my dad a call thinking that maybe he could get to an early movie from work.  I was right!  My dad rarely passes up the chance to see a movie.  I also called Jenna, but she had some errands to get done.  We were pleasantly surprised when she showed up as well!  So, the Eagle family had an impromptu family trip to the movies (minus Nate).  The movie was great, and my dad even stayed awake for it!  He has no idea what Facebook is, but I think that he understands what all of the fuss is about now.  hehe.

I am giving my dad the evening off tonight, so no break for me.  Not a problem, I get tomorrow night off!  My mom and I found out that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader’s (DCC) Making the Team….is on tonight!  Premiere episode!  This is Jenna, my mom, and my favorite show!  So we are in dancing heaven.  Always makes for an exciting night!


My mom & my Godmother Mary during the flying days



Prayer for Julie: Pray for an enjoyable weekend

Thankful:  I am thankful for the movies.  Another thing that my mom and I can do together.


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2 responses to “DCC – Making the Team!

  1. Kelly,

    I found you through a WordPress search. I, too, am a big fan of the DCC. It was my daughter’s favorite show, and so we share that mother/daughter thing.


    More than that, I want you to know that I read your profile, and tonight I’m praying for you as your mom’s primary caregiver.

    Find grace and peace tonight. I’m praying for both you and your mom!

    Valerie Bosselman

  2. Dear Valerie,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my DCC blog! I just read yours…and was touched. You are such a beautiful writer! I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, but I can completely agree with the mother/daughter bond of watching a great show together. We look forward to it every season! My sister Jenna had a girl that she danced with in college that moved to TX just to try out for DCC & stay there for a year. She was on the show a couple of seasons ago, but never got asked into the office…so you didn’t get to see her that much. Regardless, it was exciting to know somebody on the show. I just read the messages you received from Judy & Kelli! How thrilling! I feel like they were writing to us. 🙂 haha. Thank you for the prayers…..and we will be praying for you as well!

    Kelly Eagle

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