SPT! Go Jenna!

Another busy weekend with some high ups & some high downs.  Saturday was a pretty exciting day!  Jenna decided that she wanted to try out for the “Swarm Performance Team”.  She kept this tryout more to herself this

Jenna getting ready to leave for tryouts!

time, and only wanted my help & my mom’s help on the day of tryouts.  Since my mom and I are dance obsessed, of course we went over to her place to help her get ready!  A little fake tan, fake nails, makeup, teased hair & Jenna was ready!  After an afternoon of getting dolled up, my mom and I kissed Jenna good luck & sent her on her way.  We were really excited for J, and looking forward to going home & waiting the evening out.  I specifically dedicated my plans for Saturday to Jenna & knew that I would wait at home nervously anticipating the news.  I know, I can be a huge dork sometimes!  Our rush of excitement was short-lived when we walked into our house.  My dad had been out working in the yard (with protective glasses might I add) and he managed to get some debris into his eye.  So, he comes down the stairs….his eye bright red & watering like crazy.  I tried to help him look for something in there, but I couldn’t find anything.  This wasn’t good.  It was supposed to be my night off, but I ended up taking care of both of my parents.  My dad couldn’t see & was in pure misery.  So, not knowing what to do…I made him dinner & let him relax on the couch.  So not fun, but in a way very comical.  This is kind of how our life is in this house.  You never know what is going to happen around here.  So, the three of us settled in for the evening….and I helped out both of my parents.  Around 11:00 we still hadn’t heard from Jenna & we were getting pretty nervous (well, not my dad…he was more focused on his eye..haha).

Jenna & mom before tryouts

At about 11:30 we got the news that Jenna made it!  Yes!!!!!  So, after about 45 minutes of discussing the details of the tryouts…we let my sister go & I put my mom & dad to bed.  Who knew I would be putting my mom & dad to bed on a Saturday night when I grew up.  This is crazy.  After that, I went downstairs & tried to salvage what was left of my night off.  I had been invited to go camping that night, but I guess that God knew I would be needed at home. (thank you Dana for the invite!).   I am glad that I made the decision to stay home!  CONGRATULATIONS JENNA!  So proud of you baby girl!

Today was a pretty good day too.  Aside from my dad’s eye still hurting like crazy.  My mom kept spelling “get him to the eye doctor” so I called and made him an appointment.  After that I called Jenna to ask if she could take him since he couldn’t see.

Lindsay & Jared Celebrating their 30'th bdays!!!

Of course she said yes!  That is how the Eagle family pulls together!  I told him about his appointment and he protested that he didn’t need to go.  After mom kept glaring at him, he gave up and said that he would go.  In the end, there was a piece of debris stuck in his eyelid that kept scratching his eye every time he blinked.  The doctor removed it and gave him an antibiotic.  He is much better now!  So glad that is over!  After all that, my mom, Jenna & I went to my aunt Sam & uncle Jeff’s in Eden Prairie.  We had a “family gathering” to celebrate my cousin Lindsay & “cousin in law” Jared’s 3oth birthdays.  We had a great time catching up with family & watching the Vikings Game.  Happy Birthday you guys!!!
Sorry if this blog seemed a little too detailed.  Drama…Drama….Drama!!
Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued strength & bed sore healing
Thankful: I am thankful for Jenna making the SPT.  Now my mom and I can go to watch her cheer at the games. Another fun thing for us to get out and do this winter!

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One response to “SPT! Go Jenna!

  1. Kate

    CONGRATS JENNA!!!!!!! Glad your dad’s eye is ok!

    Love you girl!

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