Walk away the Weariness

Another day of non motivated Kelly.  Not sure where these days come from!  Again, after

Today on our pond walk

waking up, I already felt tired again.  Could this be hormones or something? Anyway, I pressed through the morning with my mom.  First she had her bio-feedback session…and then her nurse stopped by to check her stats.  Tuesday’s are so exciting!  After all that was done, I tried to will myself to put the laptop down & get out of the house!  If not for me, for the sanity of my mom.  First it was getting my butt in the shower.  That went well, and even woke me up a little bit!  Ok, so far so good.  Next it was clean my mom up, straighten my hair, get my mom dressed, put her in her wheelchair & back the car up.  All of these things went pretty well…but since I was moving at turtle speed today, there was lots of toe stubbing and nail breaking.  I tend to get clumsy when I

Mom & I today on our walk

am not overly motivated.  By this point the sun was coming out from behind the clouds, and it was looking pretty nice out!  By the time we got over to the pond area I was feeling pretty good. Our walk was exactly what we needed.  The fresh air felt so good, and I think that I just needed to get moving.  I believe that I finally came out of my funk.  At least I hope so!!!  I am completely wired now & will probably have a hard time falling asleep.  That is my life, hard to get a good routine going!  It is hard being a night owl.  I just hate to give into the night.  Speaking of night, the dark is coming a lot earlier now.  When I get on my evening break, it is already dark out.  I hate doing errands & things for myself in the dark.  Winter is going to be a toughie!


Jenna came over tonight after work.  She is giving me the night off!  Thanks Jenna!  It especially means a lot to me since Jenna won’t get to see her husband until tomorrow night.  They have completely opposite schedules lately, and Jenna still comes over to help us out.  My family & I really appreciate it.  Thank you Ross as well!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength in my mom’s beautiful smile

Thankful: I am thankful for my second burst of energy this afternoon.  Hope that my funky mood is over!

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