Dental Drama….

After a wonderful night off to myself, I was awoken to the sounds of Jenna & her husband laughing and hanging out with my mom.  Ross stopped over to surprise my sister this morning with coffee.  This surprise made for a very pleasant household.  My mom always loves seeing Ross!  Jenna woke me up a little early because she thought that she might have cracked a crown on her tooth.  Since she works for a dental office, she was able to get in right away.  Fast forward a few hours…when we receive a pretty frantic phone call from my sister.  Apparently she has a lot of tooth damage under the crown & might need to have it extracted.  Since my sister takes great pride in her oral health, this is the end of the world to her. j/k.  Not to mention…could be extremely expensive.  We all have to realize that these things happen, and life is full of unexpected expenses.  Then there is all the controversy in my family about dental implants & dental work that could affect a person’s neurological system.  When my mom was diagnosed with ALS, we spent a lot of time researching how the mouth affects a person’s entire body.  If you ever have a conversation with my dad about this topic, it could go on for days.  In the end, I am sorry J for the tough dental day!


Mom loading up at Costco

After all of that happened, my mom and I decided that we should go for a walk.  After getting all bundled up, we headed over to our pond area.  Upon getting out of the car, we realized that our plans might have to change.  It was so windy and cold today!  We were told that the temperature was going to be 65-ish….but the wind made such a huge difference!  After getting ourselves back into the car, we decided to head to Costco. Always an Eagle family favorite.  :).  This trip was made extra special when we ran into my mom’s friend Amy!

Mom & Amy

Of course I had to break out the camera to show how much fun we were having.  We compared our purchases…like it was so exciting & had ourselves a little chat.  Gotta love Costco!


This evening one of my mom’s other besties came over.  We always love having a visit from Jane!  It is great getting a chance to catch up on all of the exciting Eagle happenings from the week.  We are just so exciting! haha.

That is all, I just ran some errands & am getting ready to settle in for the night.  You never know what tomorrow may hold!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for the continued healing of her bed sore.  The sore seems to be bothering her more lately…although it doesn’t look bad.

Thankful: I am thankful for my Costco card.  Buying in bulk is fun!  And it is fun to spin my mom around in the wide aisles!

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