Party City….never disappoints!

Today was a great day!  Last night I was able to get together with some friends & then I had the night off, so I was already feeling great & refreshed when I got up this morning.

Mom and I with a scary spider! Soooo scary!

Jenna and my mom had a great evening together & I am sure that mom was glad to have a break from me as well.  🙂 Today my mom, sister & I decided to go to Party City to pick up some baby shower decorations for a shower we are helping to host for our cousin in a few weeks.  She is having a baby girl, and we are so excited for her!  I also needed to get a costume for tomorrow night.  It isn’t the most creative, but it will do.  The store was packed with crazy kids of all sizes finding last minute costumes as well.  At one point I ran into a row of face paint & ran over my foot.  My sister was more mortified with the fact that I knocked some

Jenna sporting the "I love vampires" hat. Also very scary!

paint over versus my foot.  She just hates it when I make a mess!  I usually laugh it off because it very rarely happens.  I would say that I am a great wheelchair driver.  Hats off to me!  It is tough!  We had fun playing around as usual.  The women in our family absolutely love hosting a party of any kind.  I think that we like arts & crafts too much!

After Party City it was off to Target.  Everybody knows that it is hard to get out of that store without spending at least $100.  That place is like poison!  Again, we had a great time playing around and getting the necessary things that we needed.  Mom and I have not been able to run errands all week due to the weather.  We helped Jenna pick up some things that she will be needing for the Swarm.  As usual, it was great to see her spend her own money!

Now my mom and I are in for the evening.  My dad has the night off & he decided to go visit some property that we have at Voyager Village.  Don’t ask me where that is…because I don’t remember!  Somewhere near the Wisconsin border I think?  It is a nice and relaxing evening for him.  He checks on our lot, takes a look at the new cabins that have gone up & has dinner at the club house.  Tonight he got a hotel room so he could head there for the evening after work. We just talked to him & he sounds like he is having a nice time relaxing.  He always gets up early to head back.  I wish the man would just sleep 8 hours sometimes!  He claims that it is impossible for him.  I just can’t imagine!  I have no problem!

That is all for today.  Happy Halloween to everybody!  Be careful & drive safely!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for a continued strong immune system during this crazy season!

Thankful: I am thankful for our handicap van that allows us to buzz all over town & give us the much needed freedom

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