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November 3rd, 2010

Another day, another dollar.  haha.  We made it through hump day! Yes!  Today & yesterday have been pretty good for us.  Yesterday my mom had her bio feedback session…then her nurse came over.  After that we read into the afternoon…and I made dinner & a cake for my dad.  He had been complaining that he had gone out to eat too much lately & would like a meal at home.  Being the good daughter that I am, I cooked dinner for him.  I didn’t just heat up a Lean Cuisine!  After he over-indulged in the cake, he blamed me for him not being able to control himself.  He claims that he has no self-control & we should throw it away.  This seems to be my dad’s solution to everything. Can’t we muster up some self-control???  The cake was sitting on the counter today & he blamed me again for him eating 2 more pieces.  Geez.  Again, not my fault!  Come on Rog!

My mom and I when I was a wee little thing

Today my mom and I decided to go out for a drive.  The sun was shining….but the wind was whipping.  We decided to drive out to Prior Lake so I could show my mom the house my friend Dana just bought with her hubby.  (Dana if you are reading this….my mama loves your new house!).  After that we stopped at the Super Target in Savage where we ran into our friend Cate with her kiddies.  So funny.  It is completely random for us to be out there…and she spotted us right away!  So much fun :).  Then we stopped back over at my sister’s place to drop some things off for her.  We had a little chat with her and her hubby in the freezing cold…then it was back to home!  To finish up our fun day, Jane stopped over for her weekly visit!

I get tomorrow night off, so I am excited of course!  I am halfway through “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” & it is finally picking up.  I found it kind of boring at first, but everybody says to hang in there….and it will be worth it.  Glad it is starting to get good now!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for less phlegm.  We have had to deep suction a ton lately, and it is a lot of work.  It isn’t anything dangerous (as of now)…just requires extra attention

Thankful:  I am thankful for the surprise run in with a friend we don’t get to see very often!

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