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November 5th, 2010

Hey peeps.  Since it is Friday, I am hanging out with mama for the evening.  My dad gets the night off!  I think he is pretty excited, because he still isn’t home yet.  He tends to run a lot of errands on his night off.  He especially enjoys looking for new “man” movies that will peak his interest.  My mom, sister and I tend to watch mostly comedies & romantic comedies.  We love anything that keeps us cheerful!  My dad loves war movies & action. It can be tough living with all women sometimes!  He will probably retire to his bedroom for the rest of the evening when he gets home to have some time to himself with his “man” movies.  He deserves it!  By Friday he is absolutely wiped out.  And he usually heads back to work Saturday morning for a bit.  We are so thankful for all that he does for us.

Last night was my night off given to me by my sister, so I woke up refreshed and feeling great.  I was able to call and re-connect with a couple of friends last night.  I always appreciate that!  I have become a huge text-messager…so it is nice to have the chance to pick up the phone.  I also got out and did a couple of errands for myself!



Jenna doing her modeling pose

Today my mom and I went over to my sister’s place.  Ross was working today, so we hung out and watched a little Dr. Phil.  That show has become one of my mom’s & my guilty pleasures.  We aren’t thrilled about Dr. Phil himself, but we enjoy the show topics that he has.  They can be pretty funny.  We also watched a little “America’s Next Top Model”.  We took a picture of Jenna demonstrating her best modeling pose.  Gotta love girlie time!  Mom and I stopped at the grocery store after Jenna’s place, and are now waiting for DCC to come on.  Like I say every week, our favorite show!



Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength and healing

Thankful: I am thankful for my evenings off.  They are so wonderful!  I get another one tomorrow night :).

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