Costco Anybody?

That’s right….we were at Costco again today!  We are crazy!  I had last night off from my dad, so I woke up feeling great like I always do.  I even got an extra hour to myself due to day-light-savings.  Yes!

Yesterday our friend/neighbor Liz came over for a visit.  She brought us some beautiful flowers to brighten up our home.  She was pretty much the highlight of our day.  I am glad that she was able to stop by and offer us some excitement!  I relaxed last night & enjoyed the evening to myself.  I pretty much read most of the night & enjoyed a full nights rest.  Don’t worry, my social life will be picking up again this week!

Mom, Jenna & I back when I was in college

Today my mom & I watched the Viking’s game.  It was a really great game!  We finally pulled out a win!  I love a good come back in the 4th quarter.  After that my mom & I decided to go to Costco since I promised her that I would get her outside.  The weather was magnificent today!  On our way over there Jenna called us.  She said that she had just passed us driving.  She was heading over to our place to surprise us!  We told her where we were going & she said that she would join us.  You cannot imagine the huge smile that this put on my mom’s face.  She absolutely loves getting to see her little one when it is unexpected.  So, in the end, we had a great time & enjoyed looking at all of the Christmas stuff that is out there.  They even put the Christmas lights up at the entrance of our neighborhood.  Snow will be here before we know it!

I am blogging now & waiting to wake my dad up from his nap so I can go on my evening break.  I think that the day-light-savings is going to mess him up a little bit.  We will see!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued energy & strength (both mind & spirit).

Thankful: I am thankful for the excited feeling I get when I see Christmas stuff this time of year.

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One response to “Costco Anybody?

  1. Jane May

    I love reading about your daily adventures and hope that I can get over there one day this week. Is there any day that is better than another?

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