November 8th, 2010

Today started out pretty normal around here.  We did our morning routine…then I received a call from my dad saying he was coming home.  He sounded so excited that it was going to be nice out & he could get some more outdoor work done.  Yay for work! Since we heard it was so nice out, my mom and I decided to go for a walk.  I cannot believe that we are into November & it is so nice out.  I didn’t even need to wear a jacket! It looked like everybody was embracing the weather as well.  The pond was packed with people.  Everybody excited without a doubt that we don’t have snow on the ground. Thank you God!!!!

Mom & my brother when he was a little one

Since my dad was in such a great mood today I decided to cook him dinner.  Good daughter! haha.  I am on my break now & just got back from tanning.  I am going to try to finish my book for book club this week.  I always come down to the last-minute just like my mother did.  Not that you suffer any punishments at book club for not finishing.  It is just nice to have a little goal to achieve every month.  I have also read 3 books out loud to my mother this month.  If anybody has any recommendations that my mother & I would enjoy…I would love to hear it!  It has to be pretty enticing for my mom to enjoy it. Nothing too serious that requires a ton of thinking.  We don’t like to think around here! j/k.  It has been a nice hobby for us to pick up together.  It will definitely help pass those long winter hours that are coming soon!

Okay, that is it for now!  Thanks for checking in with us crazy people!

Prayer for Julie: Pray that my mother’s smile gets a little more energy back.  It was a little lacking today…and I love that smile so very much!

Thankful: this one will have to go to the weather again! Oh so thankful!

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