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Snow & Showers

Daddy Rog enjoying the snow!Let me tell you….I am exhausted!  It has been a busy day.  First of all, as most people know, we had a HUGE snowstorm here in MN yesterday.  It sounds like lots of people in the area were without power, but we were lucky.  We are always thankful when it is not us, because we need the power for my mom’s vent & not to mention entertainment (TV) as well.  My dad plowed yesterday but only got half done before the thing died on him.  I think he enjoyed himself though!  My dad also had to go to Jenna’s dental office to save the three ladies whose cars were stuck.  Jenna said that he saved the day!  Go Rog!

Lynzy with her cute belly!Today we threw a Baby Shower for my cousin Lynzy at my Aunt Sam’s house.  This required us getting up early (well, early for us) so I could bake a danish, wash my mom’s hair, get her ready, get myself ready & get all of the piles of goodies together.  We had a wonderful time & everything went so well!  Lynzy looked adorable with her little bowling ball belly.  It was also a special day because we got to hang out with Pat Kast (she has been a grandma to us growing up). We don’t get to see her often, so it is always special when we do.

I now find myself tired & with a sore throat.  My tonsils have been pretty inflamed for the last week…and it seems to be getting worse.  Hopefully this problem will solve itself.  It is just wearing me down a little.  I have a history of tonsilitus…so this isn’t too new to me.  Maybe it is time to get the things removed?  Wish I had the time for that!  Who would take care of me?  haha


Ladies of the Kast Family!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength and healing.  She did awesome today!


Thankful:  I am so thankful for time spent with family!!  And I am always thankful for a baby shower!


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