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Dental Day

Mom with Dr. Foy. She was ok, I promise!

Today my mom went to the dentist!  It has been about a year and a half since we have gone.  It is tough for my mom because she has a hard time opening her mouth and when we pull it open, it doesn’t go very wide because those muscles are not often stretched.  My dad found a dentist for my mom a couple of years ago that specializes in wheelchair patients with all sorts of diseases/disabilities.  It is pretty cool!  We met another ALS patient when we were in the waiting room.  This is very rare for us, so we were very interested in talking with her.  She said that she had ALS for 8 years and spoke with a keyboard that spoke her words.  She was able to still used her hands…but could not talk.  It was nice to discuss with her and her husband the way that ALS has affected us differently. Anyway, things went well with my mom.  We were able to get x-rays done, and everything looked good. My mom was concerned that her teeth were loose, but the doctor put those fears aside by assuring her that they look great.  After an hour of jamming her mouth open, my mom was done and very relieved!

I went to dinner with a couple of friends tonight & then had a nice long talk with a friend I have not spoken to in a couple of years.  Time really flies!  It was very nice to re-connect after all this time.  Jenna was supposed to give me the rest of the night off….but her hubby called her to tell her he wasn’t feeling well.  She asked me if she could go home and take care of him, and of course I said yes!  She will try giving me the night off again tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

That is it!  Not too exciting…but exciting for us!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for her not having a sore mouth tomorrow after all that pulling & probing today!

Thankful:  I am thankful for my Keurig!  It has been 2 weeks…and I just LOVE that thing!

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