Talk, Talk, Talk

Let’s see people…what have we been up to.  Yesterday my mother’s nurse stopped over for an INR check & then we got some medical supplies delivered! Yay!  Jenna’s mother in law (Louann) came over in the afternoon to visit with my mom and I.  She always brings Vintage Picture. Nate, Dad, Mom & Ime a latte & I love her for that.  Thanks Louann!  We caught up with everything going on around here & discussed our sharing Ross & Jenna for the holidays.  Looks like everything is going to work out well!  My dad came home early from work because Eden Prairie has a person coming out to inspect everybody’s homes to make sure sump-pumps are installed correctly & water run-off is not going into the sewers.  Since our pump is in my bedroom, I had to do a thorough cleaning.  We wouldn’t want them to condemn our home!  haha.  Just kidding.  I don’t sleep in my room very often, so it has really become a quick changing room for me.  I tend to spend most of my free time in the other basement rooms.  Now you know! 🙂

Today was fun.  Jenna had given me last night off, so I was well rested.  My mom’s brother Jeff stopped over after I had gotten done making my mom’s food.  We tried calling my grandpa when he was over because nobody seems to hear from him since he moved back down to FL.  Their phone has not been set up.  Luckily, it was the one time he answered his cell phone & we were able to have a nice chat with him.  It looks like everything is going well for them.  After Jeff came over, our friend Amy stopped by for her weekly visit.  So, I was pretty much talking all day & now have a very tired throat.  No worries…we had fun & that is all that matters!

Jenna’s dental office has a special offer on Groupon if you are interested in teeth whitening for a great deal!  It also makes a great Christmas present!

Check it out!  I believe that this will be offered again in 2 weeks as well.

That is about it for today.  I hope that everybody is having a great week!  Tomorrow is Friday!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued strength & healing

Thankful: I am thankful for getting ahold of my grandpa & knowing he is doing well!

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