Ice, Ice, Ice

Parents Weekend my first year in college

So, mom and I were stuck inside again today due to weather.  Such a bummer.  We made the most of it & got a bunch of stuff done.  I made a chinese chicken salad, wrapped some Christmas Presents, washed mom’s hair & got her up into her chair.  Jenna stopped over after work today & we all had yummy salad for dinner.  Jenna’s Swarm practice was cancelled due to weather conditions, so she ended up going to yoga instead in EP.  It was fun to get to hang out with her!  We didn’t see her all weekend :(.

My mom has also discovered a love for ice chips.  We have found that they are easy to feed to her & they make her so happy!  This requires me to stand by her bedside for a half an hour since she wants more & more.  If it makes her happy, it is worth it!  Such a simple thing…who would have ever though?

Mom & I will be getting our hair cut tomorrow.  My cousin will be going on maternity leave soon & had a completely booked schedule.  We are very excited to have snuck in our appointments & won’t be missing it!

That is about it for today.  Not too exciting of a day……but it held a lot of love 🙂

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued energy in those facial muscles

Thankful:  I am thankful for funny YouTube videos.  I love plopping my laptop in front of my mom & seeing her laugh :).

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