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I hope that everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Joy & Love!  The Eagle family had a great day remembering those things that we are thankful for.  Jenna gave me the night off on Wednesday, so I was excited to be rested for our big day yesterday.  We had gotten a nice chunk of fresh snow on the ground from the day before.  Nothing as dangerous as the previous weekend, so traveling was not much of a problem.  We went to our friend’s home on Thanksgiving like we do every year.  We go to the Lantz’s & are joined by the Omlie’s and a few other people who may not have relatives in the area.  Jane & Brad do an amazing job putting a Thanksgiving feast together for all of us.  We always ask what we can bring, but they insist that they just need us to make cupcakes.  How lucky are we?  There are not many people who get away with hardly needing to make anything on Thanksgiving.  Thank you so much Jane & Brad!  We had a wonderful time!

Dad with his mom, dad & Nathan when we were kiddiesI think that my dad was missing his mom a little bit yesterday, because he asked my mom if she would want to wear a brooch from his mother’s jewelry box.  Grandma Eagle passed away a little over a year ago & my dad loved her so much (as did we all!).  I went upstairs & picked out a pretty blue sparkly brooch that matched her cashmere sweater.  My dad was all smiles when he saw that she was wearing it.  I thought that it was really sweet.  He was also excited when my mom received many compliments over the vintage piece.  It turned out to be a great idea.  It made me realize the importance of being sentimental & remember those that are no longer with us.  My dad always teaches us this important lesson.  If you go down to his home office, you will see all of the little notes, drawings, cards & essays from when we were little kids until now.  I love that our dad has such a tender heart.

Jenna, Dad & I on Thanksgiving

Today my mom and I are avoiding the shopping crowds by QVC shopping.  Every year, after Thanksgiving, my mom insists that we keep QVC on most of the day.  We have gotten some really great stuff in the past, but they can sell snow to an Eskimo.  After watching for 10 minutes, you feel you need everything.  It is funny how exciting they make every little product seem.  We have learned to hold back for all of the really good stuff.  My dad is out shopping with the rest of the crazy people.  He decided that he wanted another tree for our living room because he misses seeing it through the window from outside.  So that gives me another tree to decorate!  Luckily I really enjoy doing it.  I think that mom & I will go shopping for more decorations tomorrow.

My mom’s facial muscles have been doing really well the past couple of days & her energy has been really good.  I wonder if she had previously had a cold or something.  I am just glad that she is back!  I am also glad that she had a really great day on Thanksgiving.  There is just so much to be thankful for!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength in those facial muscles

Thankful: Thankful for a wonderful & peaceful Thanksgiving

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