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Crazy out there!

Jenna & her friend Kailee with my mom last year

Well, lets see.  It has been a pretty nice & relaxing couple of days here at home.  Relaxing aside from the quick shopping trip Jenna & I took mom on to Target yesterday.  It was a complete zoo!  Since my dad had gotten another tree, we decided to pick out some new decorations.  Bad decision!  I think that my mom & I will be Christmas shopping while everybody is at work from now on.  We were going to go to Michael’s first, but there wasn’t even a place to park there.  So, I might have to declare Christmas season as “not wheelchair friendly”.  haha.  I know that this week will be easier.  My mom has also continued having fun online shopping & QVC shopping. I have become pretty thankful for those ways to shop!

Last night I got together with a couple of friends to celebrate my super duper wonderful friend Dana’s birthday!  We went to Cafe Maude off of Penn Avenue.  That place is awesome!  If you have never been…..I highly recommend it!  We had yummy wine, appetizers and conversation.  Just what Kelly needed!  I was back by 10:30 so I was able to enjoy some alone time as well.  I just love my nights off!

Today my mom and I watched the Vikings game & decorated our other tree.  The Vikings pulled out a win….so we were very excited!  Our $400 “Vita-Mix” blender has been gradually breaking & finally died on us today. RIP Vita-Mix!  This is the machine that I blend all of my mom’s food in, so it is highly important to us.  We have had our Vita-Mix for about 7 years & ran the thing into the ground.  We use it twice a day for pretty lengthy periods of time.  It was so worth the money!  So, I ended up pulling out our cheaper back up blender to make my mom’s food.  All seemed well until I lifted the container off the stand & the thing fell apart.  We had blended chicken, orange juice, baby food bananas & milk powder all over the counter & floors!  Yuck!  Dad ended up running out to buy another blender, so mom didn’t end up eating until 3:00.  I don’t think that she even cared.  Her meals aren’t anything to really get excited about.  In the end, it really made us appreciate the wonderful years of service our Vita-Mix gave to our family.  It’s replacement won’t arrive until next week.  Darn!

That is it for tonight!  I look forward to bringing you the exciting happenings of our next few days!  haha

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued healing of her bed sore.  The thing is back to looking a little worse.  Stupid thing!

Thankful:  We know what this is!  I am thankful for our Vita-Mix!

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