Shopping & Blood Draws

It has been another good couple of days around here.  Yesterday my mom & I got out to do some more Christmas shopping.  I think that she would have given me the evil eye all day if I hadn’t taken her since it was not snowing.  No excuses!  She is officially sick of 

My mom & Pat yesterday at Von Maur

being inside!  Did you know that it is still technically fall in MN?  Yes!  FALL!!!!  This is insane.  I think that we have received too much snow and cold weather way too fast.  I fear that this is going to be a very long season.  Anyway, when we arrived at Von Maur (my mother’s favorite store) we happily ran into our friend Pat Hecker.  What a nice surprise!  I am also friends with Pat’s daughter Renee.  I have mentioned her before.  We have been friends since the day I was born.  Literally!  We always enjoy running into people when we are out.  Pat and my mom had not seen each other in forever, so it was a fun reunion!

Today my mom and I went for our yearly family doctors visit.  We have been at the doctor so little this last year that it almost felt foreign.  Very strange for us!  Everything looked great with my mom & she said that my mom appeared to being doing better this year than she was last year.  That was a huge compliment to my mom and meant so much to her.  This particular doctor was very skeptical when my mother decided to go on a ventilator and was sure to remind her of the “unfavorable” things that would result from it.  Now that it has been a few years since the decision was made, she is very pleasant & (I think) sees that it can be done & the patient can be happy.  Go Team Eagle! 🙂  After our doctor visit, it was off to blood work.  My mother is the hardest person to get blood from.  She has very shallow veins & very slow-moving blood (if they are able to even hit the vein).  Because it is winter (well, fall actually) my mom’s hands get very cold & retain the coldness the second I take her outside.  This makes the veins even harder to see.  So, moral of the story, my mom was poked & prodded & we still got no blood.  We will have to let her heal up & then try again next week.  I will have to buy hand warmers of some sort. Mittens don’t seem to work.  Luckily poking my mom doesn’t bother her.  I on the other hand, fainted right off my chair during my last blood test.  Doesn’t seem to bother my mom a bit!
That is all for today!  I look forward to posting again soon!  Stay tuned to the exciting happenings of Julie & Kelly!
ps- I am posting a new picture of my sister’s Swarm Team.  Kind of fun!

Jenna's Team!

Prayer for Julie: pray for the healing of her poor little black & blue veins.  Such a trooper!
Thankful: I am thankful for a past year with very few doctors visits

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