Blizzard & Baking

Today was a busy day getting all of our errands done before the big snow storm comes.  Every channel on the TV is talking about it.  Looks like we are going to see about 12 inches.  For those of you that don’t live in MN, this winter has been tough already.  The news said that this will be our 4th severe winter snow of the season, and it isn’t even technically winter yet.  We were planning to go to Jenna’s tomorrow to help her bake for her cookie party, but it looks like we will be stuck inside again.  Something that we are getting very used to!  The grocery store was a zoo today along with the other stores.  I am glad that mama Jules & I were able to get our stuff done!

Christmas picture with my mom when I was a wee one. I have the strange hat on!

Jenna came over to give me the night off last night.  I love it!  My parents are buying me a new mattress for Christmas, so I went out to try some for myself.  I must say that it is funny laying on mattresses when you are by yourself.  I think I found the one though!  My mattress is so old that it has been killing my back.  I have been sleeping on the pull out couch with my nights off.  I have been debating if it was worth getting me a new one because I only sleep down there 2 nights a week.  We have decided it is worth it.  Merry Christmas to me!

My brother just called and said he is coming over.  We haven’t seen him in a month so it will be glad to have him over for a visit.  My dad has the night off so he is still out shopping.  Hopefully my brother won’t drive me crazy!  Wish me luck!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued healing of her bed sore

Thankful: I am thankful for my computer which keeps us connected to the outside world when we are forced to stay inside

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