Just another lovely Thursday

Hey peeps!

J & R The day the became engaged

Not too much to update you on.  Been staying busy doing the usually things around the house & getting ready for Christmas.  Yesterday my mom and I stayed at home & got a bunch of stuff done & presents wrapped.  Mom also had her weekly bio-feedback session with Deanna & then her nurse stopped by to check her stats.  All good!  After that we had an i-chat with Jenna & Ross.  They are up north for their yearly visit to Blue Fin Bay.  3 years ago Ross proposed to Jenna up there & they have decided to make it a tradition.  They even snow shoe to the exact location that he proposed.  Very romantic….I think!  Sounds like they are having a great time this year aside from the fact that the first day they had a room where the heat didn’t work.  Looks like they got things straightened out and have a new room today.  It was fun seeing them through video messaging!  Another reason to love my Macbook!

Today Louann came over for a visit.  (Louann is Jenna’s mother-in-law).  We exchanged presents & she got my mom a happy light!  A light for people who live in locations that don’t have much sunlight.  After she left I set my mom by the light….and she really liked it!  I will keep you updated about whether or not it makes her super happy!  Looks good so far!  We also had the medical supply guy over to replace the battery that is built into my mom’s wheelchair for her vent.  Since we use it so much, we have to replace it about every 6 months.   Exciting, huh?

That is about it for now.  The snow just missed us last night…..I love it!  Since I learned how to upload videos to my page, I am going to post a video from Thanksgiving this year.  Not the best quality, but it shows how much fun we had!

Prayer for Julie: pray that her new “happy light” gives her new found energy!

Thankful:  I am thankful that the snow missed us!

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  1. Sarah Coffey

    I love the video. I watched it twice. 🙂 I’m really enjoying your blog, Kelly. My first comment, but I’ve been reading every entry since you started posting on fb. Keep it up!

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