Wonderful Weekend full of Cookie Love

Since my mom & I are watching “Housewives of Beverly Hills” for the 3rd time, I thought that I would update y’all!  My mom and I watch every season (and city) of Housewives on Bravo….and it is not rare to see us watching the episodes over and over.  There is just something about crazy reality TV that my mom & I both love.  It is a good thing that we have similar taste in shows since we are together so much.  It would be miserable otherwise!

Friday my mom and I had to stay home because my new mattress was being delivered. That was 3 days in a row indoors last week, and my mom was bumming.  On the other hand, I was really excited to get my new mattress.  It is about 3 feet higher than my last one & I am so happy to have it!  The delivery guys were so sweet to my mom & I just love when people are not afraid to talk to her.  I love when a stranger can put a smile on my mom’s face.  Makes my day!

Yesterday I did my 5th annual cookie bake with 2 of my besties.  Dana, Kate & I look forward to it every year!  It seems to take us longer every year….or we are just getting old.  I was starting to feel that aching back after standing all day.  It was fun regardless, and it is always fun to find an excuse to sip on wine before 5:00.  I tried to get my friends to engage in a video, but they weren’t really having it.  I am posting it anyway!  I warned them! hehe.

Posing with Dana's little man Kellan

Look at all of those cookies!

Not tired yet!

Today my mom, sister & I went to see Black Swan.  That movie scared the crap out of us!  I was hiding under my scarf half of the time & Jenna was hiding in her coat.  My mom & I really enjoyed it, but Jenna is pretty traumatized.  I guess that she never knew ballet could be so scary.  The mall was super packed as well.  I remember the days when the Eden Prairie Center could hardly get anybody to step foot in there.  Now it is a gold mine!

That is all for today!  I am on my break in a few minutes & I plan to enjoy it!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength through this Christmas Holiday.  Christmas can get so exciting but exhausting!

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