Ready or Not….Here Christmas Comes!

Well, lets see.  Just a bunch of the usual business going on around here.  Yesterday we woke up to more SNOW!  urrrrggg.  It is so frustrating!  Apparently nobody in my family was paying attention to the forecast, so it came as a surprise.  My mom & I had looked forward to running errands….but we discovered that just wasn’t going to happen.  Instead, my mom had her weekly bio-feedback session & we did a little housekeeping.  In the evening we watched the extremely entertaining Vikings game.  It wasn’t entertaining because of the game, it was because of the snow & it being outdoors.  What a mess!
Today my mom had her weekly nurses visit.  Her blood was a little thick, but that can be easily fixed.  We have been given an increased dose of her coumadin.  She is on coumadin because of past clotting that she has had in her arms from her ports.  Since it has happened more than once in her past, she has been placed on permanent coumadin therapy, so the nurse comes over & does a finger prick.  Exciting huh?  Well now you know!  haha.  After all of that, my mom & I went to Costco with our friend/Home Health Aid Catey.  I love that the ALS association gives us hours with her so she can come out and play with us!  It is also nice at Costco because she can follow us around with the huge cart.  Thanks Catey!  We are hosting Christmas Day at our house so we had a bunch of stuff to get, and we still have a bunch more.  After our shopping we stopped for dinner in the food area.  Perfect outing!

Catey & Mama Jules at Costco

I have found a few random lost pictures on my camera & thought I would share.  We don’t have many pictures of my brother with his boys & I found a few.  Yes he does exist!
From left Nathan holding Julian, Grandpa Eagle, Jordan, Joshua & my dad!

About a year ago when we went to Rocky Rococco's for my brother's birthday. My families favorite pizza!

After my dad had his appendix out I put him in a chair by my mom & took care of both of them. He might kill me if he knows I posted this!

My dad & my 90 year old Grandpa Eagle!

Well, that is all for today!  I hope that everybody is having a good week!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength & energy throughout this holiday season.

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One response to “Ready or Not….Here Christmas Comes!

  1. Roger Schindel


    After posting that picture of your dad sleeping in the chair, Santa may bring you a lump of coal. Fortunately for you, you’re cooking dinner Christmas Day…that should sweeten Santa up…

    Pastor Roger

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