Sipping Soda

Yes people, my mother has become addicted to soda.  Well, sort of.  It might not sound too exciting to the average person, but my mom has been enjoying a little coke every night before bedtime.  We have realized that her swallowing is still very good….and she can handle a little coke really well.  I use a syringe to get it pretty far into the back of her mouth & then she swallows it down.  We do this about 10 times.  It is nice to see that she is showing strength in this area.  And it is nice to give her a little treat to make her day brighter!  Of course we have to brush her teeth immediately after (which is my least favorite thing to do).  Jenna would throw a fit if she knew that we didn’t.  (insert lecture from Jenna here).  hehe.

Jenna came over to give me the night off on Tuesday.  I am so thankful for that time to myself!  Not that I did anything crazy exciting that evening.  I think that I ended up reading & savoring the fact that I had no responsibilities that evening!  Thanks J!

Vintage Julie & Roger Picture!

Wednesday our friend Jane came over for her weekly visit.  We talked her into buying 2 Swarm Calendars (well, one was for her daughter Cate..that she bought).  Thanks ladies!!!!  We know how much you wanted one.  hehe.  We had a nice visit & it was great catching up with Jane.

Jenna trying to act comfortable when holding her friend Megan's doggie

Today my Godmother Mary came over in the morning & our friend Amy came over in the afternoon.  The time spent between was making food for my mama & getting the dishes done.  I just got off the phone with Jenna & she personally says “hello” to all of our readers!  She said that a dog peed on her at work today, so that was pretty funny.  Jenna has always been afraid of dogs & her office co-workers regularly bring their dogs to work. It is helping her get used to dogs since part of Jenna’s marriage “deal” with Ross is that they WILL have a dog in their future.  We will see how that goes!

That is about it!  We are only 6 hours away from TGIF!  Happy weekend to all!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued mental strength through this winter season.  You definitely have to have a strong attitude when simple pleasures like walks in the sunshine are not an option.

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