Winter Days

Wow.  A week has gone by since my last entry.  We haven’t been particularly busy around here.  I think that when the snow is coming down  EVERY DAY you tend to get a little lazy.  Sorry for all of the people who have been DYING to know what we are up to.  I am sure that there are one or two of you out there :).

Last Sunday around 10:00 at night I was feeding my mom some lemon ice & her 4 tooth

mom's bridge

bridge fell out.  Oops!  This has never happened before so she was pretty upset.  We didn’t even realize that she had a bridge there.  So, I called Jenna to re-assure our mom that it could be easily taken care of.  When we called Jenna started crying…and I thought “great, this isn’t going so well”.  I laughed and asked her why she was crying & she said that she knew how important mom’s teeth are to her.  Great job re-assuring Jenna!  So, the next morning my dad made an appointment with mom’s dentist to get her in right away.  Off to downtown we were

Dad sleeping in the waiting room

headed  in the snow!  Once at the office, my dad sat on the sofa & was asleep immediately & of course I pulled out my camera.  I think that I could make a whole video montage of Roger sleeping pictures.  The dude just can’t stay awake!  Someone is working way to hard!  The dentist was able to get my mom’s bridge cemented back in & all is well.  We are grateful that it turned out to be such an easy fix.  Oh, and I took a little video from my camera phone.  Horrible quality….but it allows us to show dad in full sleep mode.  Exciting, huh?  haha

Tuesday mom & I pretty much hung out. Catey came over to help us out around the house.  After that she & I  got together with our friends for dinner.  Just what the doctor ordered!  It is good to have a reason to get out of the house….otherwise I tend to hibernate in the winter time.  It gets dark early & is freezing cold around here.  I have even heard that we are in the running for most snow this year.  Go MN!

Wednesday my mom had her weekly bio-feedback session.  Jenna had given me Tuesday night off, so she was with mom during the bio-feedback that morning.  Mom is looking good!

Thursday we had my mom’s vent battery replaced in her wheelchair.  Amy Rasmussen came over for her weekly visit & all we did was complain about how awful this winter has been.  Well, maybe that wasn’t all that we talked about.  It has been tough though.  I think that it has snowed almost every single day around here.  Boo.

Friday Jenna & I took mom to see Country Strong.  The movie was really good & I bought the sound track as soon as I got home.  I just love country!  After the movie we did a little Von Maur shopping….so mom was in retail heaven!  It had snowed a couple of inches since we had been at the mall, so after I un-buried the car, we made our way home where I had to proceed to shovel the sidewalk so I could get mom to the door.  Have I mentioned that winter stinks?  Luckily we had a great day & it was all worth it.

Saturday can be summed up with: I got the night off & mom was excited about the Miss America Pageant”.  Those were the highlights!

And that brings us to today.  Not sure what the day holds yet….but I am sure it will be exciting!


Vintage Julie Picture

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued mental strength during the “deep freeze”



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3 responses to “Winter Days

  1. Kristina Wylie

    Hey Kelly and Julie! I was home this weekend and my mom was showing me your blog…I hope you are all well! I was actually showing my boyfriend pics from facebook and came accross the ones you posted, Kelly, of us in NYC and even a few from the good old days in Cardinal Creek. 🙂 It was great to see you all in your christmas card. I will continue to check the blog and hope to keep in touch more often…Best wishes and lots of love to you and your family…kristina

  2. Barbara (Wylie) Klein

    Kelly, Kristina and I have enjoyed reading your blog entries and catching up on the Eagle family. Thank you for including the blog address in your Xmas card. I loved seeing this vintage picture of Julie; I had the same haircut once and a pretty similar short dress! We have been having a similar winter, not the daily snow but so far 2 major blizzards which have left us with about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Since I am still teaching, I enjoy those snow days–until June when we have to make up the days and waste precious summer time. Please tell your mom I say hello and am so glad to be back in what I hope will be more regular contact! Almost every memory I have of living in Cardinal Creek revolves around your family. Living next door to the Eagles was the best location and the most neighborly fun we ever experienced as a family. I sure wish I was there now to be a part of the network supporting your family and spending time with Julie!! So please say hello to everyone and I will be checking the blog!! Much love, Barb

    • Kristina & Barb,

      I am so excited that we will be able to share a bit of our lives with you! We have such wonderful memories of you guys. Our cul-de-sac was always such a hopping place….and I fondly remember our (Kristina, Jaime &) obsession with Rainbow Brite! Thanks for checking in & keep in contact!!
      ps- my writing is terrible and I hope you don’t judge me!!! haha. I know that my mom used to always correct my grammar in front of you guys!

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