Creating Fun out of Complete Boredom

Living in Minnesota has continued to excite us over the last couple of days.  Monday it was back to the doctor’s office for more blood work.  My mom’s white blood cell count came back low from our last time & they forgot to run her TSH (thyroid) test.  We thought that we would be done giving blood for the year, but that wasn’t in the cards.  The blood actually came out of my mom’s vein this time, so I was beyond excited.  We hung around for a while to make sure that they were able to get enough & then we were off to run some more errands.  When we got home we received a phone call saying they didn’t get enough blood.  Come on people!!!  This is so not cool!  So, it will be back to the lab on Friday.  Ugggg.  I made a little video about of day.  If you are on FB, you may have already seen it.  Again, this is what we call creating fun out of boredom

Yesterday Pastor Roger came over for a visit.  We always love seeing him!  After that Jenna arrived to give me the evening off.  Her friend Kailee stopped over as well to visit with Mama Jules.  Since there was so much excitement going on, I ended up pulling out the video camera & making them perform for me.  Luckily, it wasn’t too hard.  Winter is making us all crazy!

Haha.  Obviously I have acquired new software on my computer to make Movie Trailors.  Don’t worry, I am sure I will make more for you in the future!  Here is a picture from our fun-filled night!  Kailee always does an amazing job making my mom smile.

Kailee, Jenna, & mom

After Kailee left, we were surprised by a visit from Ross.  Yay!  Then it was time for Jenna & mom to head to bed while I decided to stay up until 2:00.  Thats ok, it was my night off peeps!

Today Jenna has gone back to her humble abode & our friend Jane has stopped over.  I think that we will be looking forward to heading out tomorrow.  Just a side note, I do go out on my break, so I am not suffering from cabin fever quite as much as my mom.  She is such a super trooper!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength and energy

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