Checking off the days until Spring!

A few more days of winter can be checked off the list!  Let us see, Thursday was filled with a house full of visitors.  Dori, Amy, Catey & Jenna were all here!  I just love the feeling of a household full of laughter & friendship.  It helps those hours indoors tick away.  My mom & I have also discovered old seasons of “Big Brother” on YouTube which we can watch on TV.  That has helped enjoy new (well, new to us) seasons of a show that we love.

Friday we were going to go out and get blood work done again (since they didn’t get enough last time) but it was too insanely cold here.  We got to -22 or something like that.  There are just too many risky factors involved with my mom….like what if the car didn’t start?  My dad has also begun forbidding us to do things because he knows we are crazy enough to go out.  Blame the Roger!  haha.  In the end Louann (Jenna’s mother in law) surprised us with a visit.  Again, it was wonderful having somebody new in the house to chat with.

Saturday morning I had a birthday party to go to for my friend Dana’s little boy Kellan.  He turned 1-year-old!  How time flies.  I remember the day that the little guy was born!  I pride myself on being his auntie (since Dana is one of my besties).  Love that little guy so much!

Mommy giving Kellan his first birthday cake

Mmmmmmm. Cake!

After the party I stopped by Jenna’s place to help her get ready for the Swarm Game.  Then it was off to home to help my mom get ready for the game!  We had an awesome group of people who came to the game!  Ross, Amy, Catey, Megan, Jacob, Kailee, Brandon, Sam & his friend!  Thanks everybody for bringing your love and support.  I know that it meant the world to Jenna.  The Swarm also won the game….so they are now 2-1.  Go Swarm!

Megan, Amy, Jacob & Ross

Catey, mom & I

Kailee, Brandon & Mamma Jules

Jenna & her SPT ladies!

There is another game next weekend that we will be at!  The games are fun & it is a wonderful escape for my mom.

Today we are in the house again.  We were supposed to go to my cousin Aaron’s birthday party, but due to all of the snow, getting into their house would be pretty impossible for us.  My mom is a little upset because she thinks we could do it.  I think maybe we could do it, and dad says absolutely no way can we do it.  Daddy Rog can be such a buzz kill sometimes!  Sorry we couldn’t make it Aaron!  Happy postponed birthday party!

That is all for today!  Thank you for checking in as always!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued mental strength through this tough season.

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