Dust off the treadmill

Well, it has been another few pretty un-eventful days around here.  My mom has been a little under the weather.  At least, that’s what I think.  We have been dealing with a bunch of phlegm & need to do frequent suctioning & deep suctioning.  Deep suctioning is where we stick a small catheter down her trach hole in her neck & get all of the fun goopy stuff out.  It is extremely successful & helps so much since my mom has no coughing reflex.  With my winter cold I sometimes wish that I could do the same for myself! haha. Anyway, since we are able to pull of the guck that way, my mom has been void of reoccurring pneumonia for a long time now.  And don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt her at all!  Just offers relief!

Monday we had my mom’s bio-feedback session & stayed home to read my book club selection for this month together.  It is called Look Again & we are really enjoying it so far!

My mom during her flying days

Tuesday it was back to the lab to get more blood drawn (for the 4th time) since they did not get enough blood last week.  This trip was in vain since we received a message again when we got home that they AGAIN did not get enough blood.  Urgggggg!!!!  They keep insisting that they get enough.  What is the deal?  I guess that we are going to head to the lab at the hospital next time since her samples always get sent there.  That way they should know “for sure” that the have the correct amount.  This is getting a bit ridiculous!  The day was fun though & we stopped at Target on our way home.  Then I stopped at Culver’s to get my mom a chocolate malt.  I guess that she is getting more adventurous with her treats.  If it makes her happy, I say ok!

Today our friend Amy came over for a visit & that is about it.  We are going to a movie tomorrow & then another Swarm game on Saturday.  It is nice to have fun things on the horizon!  Thank you to all of the visitors that stop by to visit with my mom & I.  You make our days so much brighter!  You have no idea!

Vintage mom pic

My dad just got home & is tired & cold.  Whats new?  haha.

Oh, and if you are wondering about my title.  My treadmill & I are getting reacquainted.  After not being too active since Christmas, I decided enough is enough.  Stop complaining about the weather, and get your butt back down to the workout room you created.  I will let you know how it goes!  So far, so good!  hehe.

That is all for now.  TGIF!!!!!

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