Trip Down Memory Lane

We have been in the house so much this week, that I really don’t have too much to share.  Monday was freezing cold, Tuesday the storm doors were completely covered in ice & there was no way we could get them open, Wednesday we had to hire a company to remove snow & ice from our roof  and today our friend Amy came over!  It was fun to see the guys up on our roof.  They were in waist deep snow.  In all of the years my family has lived here….we have NEVER had to hire somebody to take the snow down.  This winter is flat-out BRUTAL!!  I have enjoyed seeing some of my Chicago friend’s pictures from their blizzard on Facebook.  It looks like all areas of the country have suffered at one point or another lately.  With unexpected weather, comes unexpected expenses. Booooo! We had a few other visitors thrown in during those days, but that pretty much sums us up. Oh, and Jenna came to give me the night off on Tuesday.  Since I have had some down time, I decided to make photo collages!  You can thank me later! 🙂

I thought those pictures of my mom growing up were pretty cute.  I cut her date to the dances out of the pictures so my dad wouldn’t get jealous.  Haha.  J/K.  Hair looked like it was so much fun in the 50’s & 60’s.  I can only imagine what it was like to be growing up in those decades.  I do have a lot of fond memories growing up in the 80’s though.  Oooh.  It might be time for a Kelly 80’s hair collage!  Just kidding…..I would never share those! Here are more of Mama Jules instead.

Ok, that is about all for today.  That is all I can come up with!  Feel free to give me some blogging ideas.  Is there anything that you would like to know about our day-to-day life?  Want to know what kind of toothpaste my mom uses?  Want to know what is in her yummy food?  Want to know if she actually enjoys being stuck in the house with me?  hehe.  I am your girl!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength and energy



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5 responses to “Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Gretchen Norqual

    Hi to all the Eagles!!
    I just recently was reconnected to your blog and absolutely love all of your updates. The pics brought back so many memories of High School and NWA. Thank-you for sharing. Will pray for Julie’s continued strength, health and for all of you wonderful care-givers!
    Love to All, Gretchen and Jack

  2. marian gummer

    julie, about the photo with you in your curlers and a scarf do, whose arm was around you? and how old were you than???? Kelly I sent on your email, or gmail some pictures of my grandson ashton and daughter anne, I was in Lousianna last couple of weeks, Anne hasnt been well. Anyway I got to go to a first grade award program for Ashtons school. Look at that proud smile… Kelly you do a wonderful job with you mom and your blog.. I showed it to my 12 year old granddaughter Avery and she really enjoyed the theatrics and drama of your video;s made after christmas. I hope they got enough blood from Julie this time, honestly.. We as well had to have snow removed from our roof, and you should of seen the strong young man that took care of it. joan if only I were 20 years younger……

  3. I love the photos of your mom! I can totally see you 3 kids in them. The first photo looks a lot like Jenna, the 2nd one like you Kelly, and the 5th one looks like Nathan. Love it!

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