Here you go!

Happy Super Bowl everybody!  I can’t say that I even picked a team to cheer for this year.  I am proud of Aaron Rodgers for getting his time in the spotlight.  Brett Farve who?  haha.  I was able to squeeze some time away & watch the game with my friends Dana & Aaron.  Their little boy decided that he didn’t want to go to bed, so I was able to see the little guy for a bit.  My dad & mom stayed home & watched the game together.  Luckily my mom loves football, so I don’t think that she even noticed I was gone.  Yay!

Saturday my mom & I went to see the fighter with our friend Amy &  Jenna.  It isn’t the type of movie we would normally see (we are all about romantic comedies & dramas lately) but with all of the Oscar nominations, we thought we would check it out.  It was really good & GREAT acting.  We have become quite the movie goers this season.  It is a great escape from being locked up in the house.  Aside from that, mom and I have been reading a ton & watching a lot of old seasons of “Big Brother”.  We have finished seasons 4, 5 & are now on 6.  I finally realized the other day that the reality show takes place in the summertime & there is lots of footage of people hanging outside in the sun.  This might be a large reason we enjoy watching it so much right now.  I know that I am rambling….but it was my “light bulb” moment of the week.  🙂

My mom’s health has been doing well over all.  We deal with the usual phlegm every day & sometimes her eyes get really tired.  Especially in the sunlight.  I would say that she wears her sunglasses more than she did this time last time.  She still does a pretty good job spelling by blinking though.  She and I are so in sync with each other, that I have become an excellent mind reader.  Her outlook has been very good considering the cabin fever we sometimes experience as well.  She still looks very forward to our visits from Jenna & from her friends.  In fact, her friend Jane was just over!

I will be going on my break shortly….so I thought I would get a quick entry in.  All is well over here at “Casa De Eagle”.  We have some things on the schedule this week, so we should be getting outside a bunch.  Go team!

Oh, and my relationship with the tread mill is still going strong (for those that have been wondering).  I have been staying up way too late though.  I guess that I am getting a little too much energy!

Good evening to all!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength & energy.

Vintage Pic!

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