Light at the end of a LONG WINTER

Another week has passed caring for my “mama Jules”.  We managed to get out and get haircuts this week.  My mom has nice short hair which is awesome since it makes it very easy for me to manage.  Since she is taking so many vitamins & nutrients, her hair grows like a weed.  My cousin (who manages a salon in St. Anthony) has been on maternity leave…so my mom’s hair had become a little bit over grown.  And like I always say….”if she don’t look good, we don’t look good”.  My cousin has mastered the art of cutting my mom’s hair in her wheelchair.  She used to come to our house to do it, but my mom enjoys having any reason to get out and run an errand.  Haircuts can be very tricky when you cannot move, so we are thankful to have my cousin Lindsay share her gift with us.

Other than haircuts, we did our usual routine this last week.  Bio-feedback, visitors & lots of reading.  I had my book club on Wednesday…which is always a fun girlie night.  Jenna & dad both gave me nights off & mom and I stayed in a lot rather than battle the cold outside.  The tides are turning here in MN…and we could not be more grateful.  It is in the 30’s here people!!!  I am heading to IA next weekend, and I am told it could reach 60 there.  I am so excited I could scream!  There is a light at the end of this very long & dreary winter.  I am beginning to have that glimmer of hope.

Thank you to everybody that has commented and emailed me about the recent entry I posted.  I am glad that our story touched so many of you.  I have a million other stories…and I look forward to sharing them with you in the future.  Living with ALS is something that there is no rule book for.  The disease affects every person differently…so it is very hard to compare notes & share our “tricks of the trade”.  It has been a learning process all along the way.  Now that my mom’s body appears to be done with the huge changes, we have a sense of normalcy around here.  It may not seem normal to anybody else…but it is our families “normal”.  It has felt that way for a couple of years now…and it is great to have a regular routine.

I hope that everybody has had a peaceful Sunday & I will chat with you soon!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength and energy.  We have been very pleased with the strength in her facial muscles these last couple of weeks :).

Jenna & mom on one of our walks last year. Something to look forward to!

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