What a Week!

The weather in the “The Prairie” has been unbelievable!  My mom and I have had an amazing week….and there is a definite shift in our spirits.  I hope this weather can hold!  I am sure we will still see more snowflakes in our future though.

Tuesday was really fun for us because my cousin Lindsay brought her new baby Sylvia over.  It was our first meeting…and she is such a cutie.  We placed her in bed with my mom & she was happy as can be.  It was fun for my mom to get to hold her.  I also made a little video….so here you go!


Mom, Lindsay & baby


Yesterday my mom & I stopped over at my sister’s house for a visit.  It so happened that her mother-in-law stopped over at the same time.  So, we all had a nice visit.  After that my mom & I stopped at Von Maur to get some birthday presents for our friends.  The salesperson we were working with told us how special it was to always see us there together & how she misses her mom every day.  I do believe that I even saw a tear in her eye.   You just never know when you will touch somebody’s life….. and I love that!

Today we took our friend Amy out for a birthday lunch.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!  We love you!  We were up early enough to go to D’Brians (they close at 2).  D’Brians is one of our favorite places to eat in Eden Prairie, but they close after lunch.  If you have never been…we highly recommend it!  They have awesome salads, soups & sandwiches.  Yummo!  After that we stopped at Costco & played around for a bit.


Costco with Amy!


Tomorrow I head to IA with my friend Dana, to visit our friend Kate.  The weather is even nicer down there….so I can’t wait!

As always, thanks for checking in!

prayer for Julie:  Pray for no complications while I am away this weekend.  Even though I know Jenna & my dad can handle anything!

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One response to “What a Week!

  1. Katie Norman Rogers

    I just saw your blog and read about your mom’s condition. My heart goes out to your family. What a difficult thing to face. You and your mom and the rest of your family look like you’ve really pulled together to stay so positive and triumphant. What a beautiful family. You are truly inspiring. I was very moved to read about everything and I will keep your mom in my constant prayers.

    Thanks so much for sharing. All my best.

    Katie (Norman) Rogers

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