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Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad turns 64!  We didn’t have too much planned, so Jenna made home-made lasagna.  Jenna NEVER cooks so this was a pretty big deal!  We also had a huge snow storm today, so my dad had to drive Jenna home.  Here is a little video from the day!

On Friday my friend Dana & I went down to Iowa for the night to see our friend Kate.  We had a great dinner at a Mongolian Grill Restaurant & then came home for chat time & much-needed sleepy time.  It was the perfect evening & exactly what we all needed.  Jenna & dad did a great job with my mom….so I had nothing to worry about.  Here is a teeny tiny video of Dana & I on the road.

Saturday evening my mom and I went to the Swarm game.  Our Godmother Mary & Jenna’s hubby Ross came too.  We lost (which was a huge bummer) but it was close!  Jenna’s dental office was there too.  I know that she was excited they all came!


Jenna found Ross for a quick hug

Jenna & Mama Jules


Here is the video of one of her dances from that night!

And that pretty much sums up our weekend!  I am forever grateful that I was able to get out of town…and the weather held out.  I am doing a girls weekend in a couple of weeks, and it was a great re-fresher for my dad.  Thank you dad & Jenna!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for a reduction in phlegm.  She has been pretty gunky lately & we have had to stay pretty on top of it.

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