I am out of here!

Dad, Jenna & mom on one of their trips to FL back in the day

This is going to be a quickie because I have a million things to do before I leave tomorrow.  I am heading to Breezy Point with 5 other ladies for a girlie weekend!  After letting my dad go to Florida for 5 days….I am really looking forward to a relaxing time away.  I know it sounds completely crazy, but I haven’t been away from my mom for more than 2 days in over a year.  In a way I feel a lot like a parent with a ton of responsibilities. My mom has been completely awesome lately!  We had a really good time together when my dad was gone & just enjoyed it being us two.  We were able to get out last Friday, Sunday & Tuesday.  All of them were shopping trips.  Yay!  My dad arrived back home on Wednesday.  He had a great time in Florida & seems really happy.  He was sure to let us know all of the details including everything that he ate.  haha.  Gotta love him.

Amy and Dori came over today for a visit.  Amy even brought me a bottle of wine to get my ladies weekend started.  Thanks Amy!  Jenna has been a little under the weather with Tonsilitis…but she seems to be feeling a little bit better.  I hope she is ok so that she can help out this weekend.  Dad & Jenna are on duty!  Go team!

That is all.  Told you it would be quick.  I will be sure to take a shot this weekend for you all!   haha.  Just kidding Jenna!

Peace & Love!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray that she doesn’t miss my sweet smiling face too much this weekend.  And pray for things to go smoothly!


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2 responses to “I am out of here!

  1. Pat

    Do you know how close we live to Breeze Point??? Where are you staying. Too bad we are up in Ely, MN with 26 other folks Snowmobilining! Hope you have a good weekend.

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