And I am Back


The ladies & I in front of our awesome cabin



Free Happy Hour

After a crazy fun weekend…..I am back!  The ladies that I went to Breezy Point with & I had such an amazing time.  And what a good deal!  I danced so much that my feet are aching & my plantar fasciitus is back.  Hopefully after a couple of days resting it, things will feel better.  It isn’t quite as bad as when had it a year ago & it took forever to go away, so cross your fingers!  Thank you friends for the wonderful weekend!


It looks like mom, Jenna & dad had a good weekend.  When I arrived home…my mom was all smiles which I loved.  It seems like everything went really well, and it was nice not having to worry.  I don’t even think I called home on Saturday.  That is good for me!  (I might have texted though…hehe).  Thank you dad & Jenna for pulling together!  It is always much appreciated!

I will update more in the week.  I just wanted to share what a great time I had & that my mom is doing great!  Talk to again soon!

Prayer for Julie: pray for continued happiness.  Looks like we have another stupid snow storm coming!



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3 responses to “And I am Back

  1. Kate

    Glad it was such a fun time! Hope to party with you girls soon!! xoxo

  2. So glad you had fun! You deserve it.:)

  3. Pat

    You were close to our home. Did you stay at the Breezy Point resort. I love the Marina II and Antlers resturant…great food at both!

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