What are those Eagles up to now?

Another few days have passed & I can say they have been both good and bad.  My mom has off and on had the feeling that things are on her skin.  If she is not entertained with company or activities….she tends to get these sensations.  So, I would say that 75% of the time has been great, and the other times we spend searching for things/problems.  All looks well with mom though.  Her body appears to be in excellent shape.  I really hope that these sensations go away!

So, Friday we headed back to the Mall of America for some walking.  The mall was packed!  I thought the customers would all be outside since the weather was gorgeous.  But apparently they were all at the mall instead!  I cannot believe what great “people watching” the mall offers.  My mom being in a wheelchair & on a ventilator seems completely normal compared to the things that we see.  It is very entertaining!  haha.  Friday evening was dad’s night off, so mom & enjoyed an evening of Lifetime movies.  They always come through with us!

Saturday my friend Kate & her “mama Jan” came over for a visit.  Kate lives in IA & my mom absolutely adores her…so it was a fun visit.  We caught up on all the juicy gossip.  Just kidding!  We don’t gossip!  haha.  It was really fun to catch up & for my mom to see her growing prego belly!


Mama Jules, Kate & Mama Jan


Later that evening my brother Nathan stopped by for a visit.  What started out as a short visit turned into a 5 hour visit.  That is my brother for you!  It was good to see him & we had him all to ourself with no kiddos.


Dad & Nathan


Today my sister stopped by with Caribou & entertained us for a little bit.  And last but not least, my mom and I just got back from dinner with our friend Amy!  I would say that was a pretty good weekend.  My mom seems happy & we haven’t had any “body sensations” yet today.  That can change on a dime though….so keep those prayers going!

I am going to post a funny picture that I just found on my camera.  It is from last fall after my mom and I had gone to the grocery store.  People must think that we are crazy!  Because her wheelchair is so big….we improvise by putting the groceries on her lap.


Mom with the groceries


That is all for today!  We are looking forward to another good week!  Happy Sunday to all!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued peace with the new sensations in her body

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