Day at the Hive!

Another week has passed……and I didn’t get very many entries in.  It has been a pretty good week for the most part.  My mom is still having some sensations on her skin… that can be troublesome.  Tuesday we were supposed to head to HCMC for a doctor’s appointment but we had to re-schedule due to ANOTHER unexpected snow storm.  Please God….make that one be the last!  We were just starting to see grass on our lawn & then overnight it was all back.  Grrrrrrr!  The weather has been pretty nice since, so I am not complaining too much.  Hopefully the snow will stay away so that we can get to the doc this next week.
Wednesday Pastor Roger came for a visit which we always love!  Thursday Catey & Amy came over, so we spent the day chatting away.  And Friday we went shopping with my sister at our favorite store Von Maur! (Oh, and our friend Jane came over!).  Retail therapy always puts a smile on my mom’s face & renews her outlook on life.  We are especially looking forward to all of the snow getting off the ground so we can enjoy our outdoor walks again.  They have been missed SO MUCH!!!!!
Today the Swarm had an early game for once.  It was nice to head down for the game during the day.  Jenna’s husband Ross’ family was there for their first game & we had a great time.  Jenna also had a bunch of Dental Hygiene friends cheering her on! (Sorry that we didn’t get to say hi to you ladies……we are glad that you could make it to a game!).  And now we are back home with my mom tucked in bed and waiting for Celebrity Apprentice to start.
Mom would not miss a game!The Narloch's made it!

Jenna & her Mother in Law

And that is all for today!  I hope that everybody had a great week….and thank you for checking in with our crazy family!
Prayer for Julie: Pray for these crazy sensations to go away.  They are creating un-necessary anxiety & elevated blood pressure.  Believe me…….I am praying too!

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