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Spring has Sprung

The last week or so has had its ups and downs for us.  We have had some amazingly fun moments….and some emotionally draining moments.  I ask everybody to continue praying for my mom’s “sensations” in her skin.  We are making an appointment with her neurologist to see if these feelings are something common in ALS patients.  We have also cut back her dosage of Ativan thinking it could be a possible side effect or withdrawal symptom.  After going through her medications….my sister & I realized that she didn’t even necessarily need to be on that med every day.  So after gradually backing down her dosage….things have gotten a little better.  We hope that this will continue to head in the right direction!

Some highlights from last week: Hanging out with friends (of course).  We had a fun lunch date with our friends Amy, Cheryl & Jenna last Thursday at D’Brians.  A family favorite!  Jenna also had a Swarm game on Saturday that we went to with my Godmother Mary.  She loves sports…so it is always fun to go with her!  The Swarm won & made it to the playoffs.  Yes!  There are 2 more home games of the regular season left & we will be at them both!  Jenna was also “girl of the week”.  Here is the link to her interview if you are interested in checking it out.  Jenna Swarm Interview.  Yesterday my mom and I went to Costco.  The day was so spectacular.  You couldn’t help but smile.  We ran into our friend Yvonne while we were there.  We don’t get to see her very often, so it was great to catch up!  She said that she was actually going to try to come to our house that day.  Life can be ironic.  Here is a picture that I was able to snap of the ladies.

Mama Jules & Yvonne

Jenna came to give me the night off yesterday & that brings us to today!  I had my yearly check-up for myself this morning.  It is weird going to the doctor for myself when I am always going for my mom.  I am sure that all the mothers out there know how I feel.  I am glad that I make sure to go every year though.  Having a hard time finding veins in my mom doesn’t stop with her.  They have an impossible time with me as well.  So after several pokes & prodding….they finally got the blood they were after.  At least I didn’t faint this time!

In honor of spring….I am going to post a few pictures from last summer.  They make me happy!

Mom and Dad after spending the afternoon in the rain

My brother practicing driving mom's wheelchair

Beautiful Day for a Walk with Baby J

Thank you for checking in!

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