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Walking Outside! Thank Gollie!

Yes!  That time of year is finally here!  My mom and I just got back from walking with baby J.  We walked both today and yesterday.  I snapped a couple of pics.  The sun was shining bright for most of the walk & then took a turn at the end when I snapped these.  Looks like we got out just in time!  We also ran into Jenna’s friend Aimee!  She was one of Jenna’s bridesmaids & they are great buddies.  Now we are all tucked back in bed and watching the Twin’s season home opener.  Jenna & Ross are off to Ross’ cabin.  It is not often that their schedules allow them to do that, so we are happy for them.  Mom’s “sensations” have been ok so far today.  Cross your fingers.  The prayers must be working!


It might not be green yet...but we are outside!

Jenna, Mom & Aimee. I just love that smile!

Ok, just wanted to post those really quick!  Happy weekend everybody!


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