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We Love Baseball Season!

That is right.  Now that the Minnesota Twins are back in full swing…my mom has yet another thing to hold her attention (along with the amazing weather we have been having).  I am hoping to get her to a game this year since we have such an amazing new ball park.  I always love any sort of activity that puts a smile on her face and gives her enjoyment.  (Even though they haven’t been playing that great as of yet.  Come on Twins!).

Mom enjoying her Twins Game

Today was a great day.  We started off with a visit from our friend Joey.  Then Catey came over to help us around the house.  Jenna stopped over & so did our friend Amy.  Lots of chatting and catching up.  My mom has been dealing with some of her “skin sensations” today, but they have calmed down within the last couple of hours.  We have scheduled an appointment with her ALS neurologist coming up to see if anything can be done.  They are more driving her crazy than anything.  I would think of it as an itch you can’t scratch.  Not really causing you pain….but driving you absolutely crazy.  I would do anything to make it go away!  The days that we are able to get outside we have a great time.  We have gone for several walks & ran many errands.  We have a bit of a cold front coming into town for now….but we won’t get down about that.  We know it will move right on through!

Jenna has her second to last Swarm Game this weekend.  We will be attending of course!  They say we might be getting snow that day.  I think they are crazy!  We will miss the games when the Swarm season is over.  We have really enjoyed having such a fun thing to go and do.  Jenna’s friends, family and co-workers have been so great about coming to cheer her on.  I know she is very grateful!

On a final note, my dad bought a new grill this week.  He is so excited…..so I had to snap a picture!  I know that our family members from the Kast side of the family will be happy.  When we would have family BBQ’s over here….they would all laugh at our poor excuse for a grill that we had before.  Oh, the small pleasures in life.

Dad with his Grill.

OK my friends….that is all for now.  My evening break is about to begin!

Prayer for Julie:  Prayer that we find the answer to these crazy skin sensations.

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