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Swarm Love, Think Pink

Happy Sunday Everybody!  The Sun is shining & our spirits are soaring!  Can you feel my optimism?  haha.  The snow from yesterday (yes SNOW) has disappeared and hopefully it was our last.  My dad talked to his dad this morning (he lives in upper Michigan) and apparently they got 3 inches and it is still coming down.  CRAZY!!

Yesterday was the second to last Swarm home game of the season.  It was also a game dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness/research……so they were doing all sorts of fun things to raise money for a cure.  Jenna had a great group of people come to watch again!  Thank you to all of her friends that came to support her & the Swarm.  It was fun seeing all of you!  Thank you also to my bestie Dana for coming!  Dana has always supported Jenna through her dancing years & I love her for it!  Godmother Mary was there again & it just wouldn’t be the same without her!  I love how she knows all of our friends & they love her as much as we do!!!  Here are some pics!

Mary, Jenna, Mom & I

Jenna & Dana

Dana, Aimee, Caitlin, Kailee, Gekas, Jenna, Mama Jules, Keagle

As you can see…..we had a great time!  There is still a slight possibility that there could be a home playoff game so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

On a side note, my mom’s sensations have been a lot better.  She says that they are still there, but she hasn’t been tormenting us as much searching for them.  We have scheduled an appointment with her neurologist.  Hopefully that will shed a little light on this subject.  All I can say is….we are not as emotionally drained as we had been.  We are all doing A LOT better (mom included!!!!!!!)

That is all for now!  As always, thank you for checking in!!!!!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued peace with these “skin sensations”

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