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The True Meaning of Friendship

Another pretty good week here in good old Eden Prairie.  The weather has been HORRIBLE…..but we are used to that by now.  I think the highlights were shopping at Target on Monday, we grilled as a family on Tuesday & I got my night off, Wednesday my mom & I read a bunch & today was filled with visitors and gabbing.  The perfect combination for us!

When Amy came over today she said that we would have to watch Oprah today at 4:00 because it was about best friends (Oprah & Gayle) and everybody in the audience would be with their best friends.  Amy said that she came over to watch it with her best friend Julie. How cute is that?  Amy and my mom have had such a special friendship since before I can even remember.  They would often go for walks and my mom would never come home.  My dad would send me to go and find my mom….and they would be sitting on the curb chatting away.  How they could have so much to talk about..I will never know.  Since my mom has been sick, Amy comes to see her every week without fail.  My mom has other AMAZING friends as well, and I know that it is all these friendships that keep her chugging along.  My mom would never turn away a visitor saying that she needs “to rest”.  That would simply kill her.  She loves her friendships & family more than anything.

Mom & Amy watching Oprah

Mom & Amy posing for a pic after the show was over

On the friendship idea, I have some AMAZING best friends as well.  I have been so thankful to the friends I have, and how they have been at my side through every step of the ALS process.  I probably don’t tell them thank you enough.  I know that my sister feels the same way with her friends.  It only takes those 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 special people who can help you start to see that little light when things can seem so bleak.  I have had those times, though they may have been very long ago.  Thank you friends!  You know who you are!!!!!

Okay, that is enough of the mushy stuff.  I guess that I was feeling sentimental.  Tomorrow my mom and I are going to see “Water for Elephants” with my Godmother for her Birthday.  It is one of our favorite books so we are really excited!  It is also the last Swarm game of the season on Saturday….so you will get to stop hearing me talk about it all of the time!  haha.

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Here is another random pic from my dad arriving home from work today.  Jenna stopped over for a visit before her Swarm appearance.  That is her crazy mop of hair

Catching up after a long day of work

Prayer for Julie:  Sensations are doing SO MUCH better.  Please keep praying for continued peace from the strange sensations on her body.

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