Big Oops

Big oops is right!  After a crazy morning of getting up at 5:30 am, driving our butts downtown to HCMC & finding the perfect handicap parking spot (all with 15 minutes to spare)…..we find out that I had written down the WRONG DAY!!!!!  I felt so crazy.  I am a triple checker and NEVER do anything like this.  I had written down the 2nd when really our appointment is on the 12th!  My mom and I don’t usually get up until 10:00 am, so this was very early for us.  Luckily, neither parent was upset with me.  My dad even seemed a bit happy at the prospect of having a day off.  It was odd being out and about so early….so we decided to head to D’Brians for breakfast.  That was something we haven’t done in about 7 years!  After breakfast my mom didn’t want to go home (of course) so we drove around and looked at houses (since Jenna & Ross are starting to entertain the idea of moving).  It was nice to go for a drive & then after getting mom tucked all back in bed I took a huge nap!  Now we are back on schedule!

Ok, I wanted to update those of you that have been asking how our appointment went.  We will have to let you know next Thursday!  haha.  I am a dope!

Dad enjoying his breakfast


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