Happy Mothers Day!

Well, so much has been going on this week.  We have had some ups and we have had some downs.  One major thing that we have dealt with this last week is anxiety/panic attacks.  We had 3 pretty bad days.  We are still trying to find a reason or explanation for them.  Like I have mentioned before, this is completely new territory for us.  And it is really hard trying to comfort my mom and having no solution.  Reading to her seems to help…so I have been reading to her quite a bit.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been pretty good.  It was more towards the middle of the week that we were having problems.  We look forward to our appointment this Thursday to hopefully tackle some of these new issues.  If we don’t get them resolved….I will start implementing happy hour around here!  Cheers!

We also had some bad news with my Grandpa Kast (my mom’s dad) this past week.  His girlfriend was hospitalized with an infection in her blood & has since passed away.  We are sad at the outcome and will miss Ruth.  I know that she and my grandpa had a lot of fun together.  That leaves my grandpa down in Florida alone, so my mom’s brothers are heading down there to see if we can convince him to move back home to be near his family. (He has had some health issues of his own…and we would LOVE to have him back home).  We pray that all of this transitioning will go smoothly.  Love you Grandpa!!

Ok, so on to the good news.  Friday, my mom and I went to see “Something Borrowed”.  We both loved it!  Anxiety was pretty low that day….so we had a nice outing in the beautiful weather.  Yesterday, my brother brought his boys over for a visit.  It had been a couple of months since we had seen them & we missed them so much!!

Trying to get them to sit still for a pic

Gave it a second try...but this was the best I could get

Julian sat in my lap long enough to pose for a picture with me

And then later last night I went to dinner with my sister and some of her friends.  It is not often that Jenna and I get to spend time alone together….so we had a lot of fun.  It turned out that her group of friends asked her to go to Kona & we were already planning to go there…so we all joined up.

And that brings us to today. Mothers Day!  We started out with a Flower Delivery from Jenna and myself for Mama Jules.  And then we decided to grill and eat in “honor” of mama.  Even though she can’t eat….it is a fun way to have the family together.  She is such a trooper when it comes to food.  Here is a little video:

Family Pic on Mothers Day

And that is about all for today.  We wish all of the wonderful Mothers out there a very wonderful day!!!  God bless you all for your hard work!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for all of these anxiety/panic attacks & skin sensations to go away.

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