Quick Appointment Update

We just got back from our ALS clinic appointment.  We were there for 4 hours and met with mom’s neurologist, ALS chapter coordinator, nutritionist, physical therapist & speech pathologist.  They all do such a great job.  We have some things that we are going to try with switching around medications.  We will stay in close contact with them over the next few weeks.  We also addressed a lot of other small issues we have been dealing with.  One interesting conversation that we had was with the speech pathologist about  “Eye Gaze” technology that would allow my mom to spell sentences out on a keyboard using her eyes.  We have been considering this for a while…but find our form of communication very convenient at the moment.  Looking at it now, we think it could be helpful for my mom when she has a bunch of things to say.  I think that we are going to start looking into it.  This technology was not available a couple of years ago, so it is pretty cool.

Overall, we are hopeful that some of these medication changes will help.  My mom seems happy with how our appointment went as well.  We are now settled back in the house, my mom is back in bed & we have all eaten lunch.  I think it is a time for a well deserved NAP!  Good night everybody!  And thank you to all the people that have been praying and checking in with us.  Your care & concern is so greatly appreciated!

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  1. Pat

    Thanks for the update…I was wondering how the appointment went. Love keeping up with your blog Kelly, you do a great job.

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