A Day of Closure and Remembrance

My Aunt Mary, Cousin Shawna, Uncle John and Cousin Aaron

This morning my mom, sister and I got up extra early to do something special with our immediate family.  About 2 years ago, my aunt Mary (my mom’s younger brother John’s wife) passed away from pancreatic cancer that took her life away from us tragically fast.  Mary was the most caring and nurturing person.  She was also a lot of fun and a wonderful mom.  I remember when my mom was diagnosed with ALS, she organized a huge benefit for my mom to help with our medical costs.  It is still hard for us to believe that she is no longer walking this Earth.  Mary decided to donate her body to medical research, so after 2 years, we were able to bury her ashes today.  It was sad re-opening the loss that we have all mourned, but it is nice having the closure and a place to go visit her.  It also felt nice having another opportunity to honor and remember her.  We love you Mary & you will always be missed! xoxoxo

Everything else has been going pretty well for us.  My dad made it to Michigan in the Saturn.  If you hadn’t read the previous blog, my Saturn has over 180,000 miles on it….and my dad decided it would be a fun challenge to take it to MI.  It hasn’t been on a long journey in years, so we were a little skeptical.  We are happy he made it there!  Now we just have to worry about the way back.  My dad said he was getting 38 miles to the gallon….so he is pretty excited.

Yesterday mom, Jenna & I did a little shopping.  Actually, mom & I enjoyed watching Jenna spend her own money.  It was fun!

Jenna putting her plastic to use

We hope that everybody has a wonderful weekend!  It is pouring rain outside our window right now….so we might be stuck in the house a bit.  Happy Friday!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued peace from her anxiety

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  1. Christy Congdon

    I’m sorry about your aunt. My great-grandpa died in ’01 of pancreatic cancer. Cancer itself is terrible, but pancreatic cancer is especially terrible since it is so far along by the time it is diagnosed. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers as always!

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